February 4, 2017 (Day 5 Part 2) – After the Hehuan Sunrise Tour, which was arranged by our Minsu (Cingjing CamperHome), we went to their designated breakfast area to take the much needed morning booster. We had eggs, some veggies, congee, nuggets, and an unlimited round of toast and milk teas. After brekky, we hit the sack right away and doze off until check out time, my husband even asked them for an extension because I’m sluggish and weary of getting up and needed more snooze in order to get on with the next activity we plan for this day and gladly, they gave us an hour.

First Round of Breakfast!

map-point 12 PM Bus to Cingjing Farm

We check out around 11:45 AM, leave our luggage at our accommodation and moved on to Cingjing Farm, Our Minsu is located around the Songgang Area and so we needed a lift to the farm.  If you don’t want the idea of the expensive taxi and at the same time, if you’re like us who’s on a budget then have yourself a copy of the bus timetable (ask your hotel staff or ask Nantou bus counter) because buses here run on a rigid schedule. The bus runs technically every hour from 7 AM to 6 PM so you have to be careful with that or else you’ll end up spending so much more.

Nantou Bus Songgang to Cingjing NTD30/Person

map-point 1210 PM Qingjing Main Entrance

Cingjing Farm is a 15 minutes walking distance from our Minsu, but we didn’t risk our lives because of the dangerous curves and turns of the narrow Renhe road, plus it’s only a 10-minute drive so we take the local bus to the farm which set us back NTD30 each. Since we visited on a weekend and on a CNY period, the area is teeming with both local and foreign tourist. After all, Cingjing is famous among locals here and if I were to Compare Cingjing it’s like Baguio of the Philippines and Genting of Malaysia because of its high altitude and laid back set-up. The weekend ticket cost NTD200 while you get a discount when you visit on a weekday. Local and residents also get an additional discount on entrance passes.

Cingjing Main Entrance

Tickets to the Farm

map-point Cingjing Farm

My husband and I went to Cingjing because of three reasons: first, it offers exquisite and picturesque scenes, second, to witness sheep shearing and of course to have a small encounter with them and third, to relax while feasting my eyes on beautiful sceneries. And to my surprise, all of these were met and I’m really happy that I made it here.

The farm is open Monday to Sunday and operates from 8AM to 5PM. Plan your day properly because There’s a lot of trails to enjoy here and many scenic spots to cover, it includes Green Green Grasslands, Guanshan Pastoral Areas, Shoushan Park Ecological Area, 487-Steps Trail, and the Small Swiss Garden.

Please do wear comfy shoes because its gonna be a long stroll.

Another side of the Farm is this fairytale-like castle.

Food Kiosk available few walks right after the main entrance

map-point Green Green Grassland

This is the focal point of the farm where they showcase a variety of animal show. The show runs twice one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’ve never been to a show like this, so it was a new experience for me and my husband.

Animal Show and Sheep Shearing Show are regularly conducted here

View from the other side of the theater.

Aside from sheep, there are also ponies stationed in the main theater.

My Little Pony *_*

If there’s little Pony, there’s also huge horses lik.

map-point It’s all about the Sheep!

Main Sheep Farm


The Actual Show

The Sheep along with the herding dog or Sheepdog.

It’s amazing to see how they move around as a herd and they really follow their sheepdogs.

They let the sheep roam around freely so you get to encounter them on your stroll.

The crew is loading up the pellet dispenser and us, patiently waiting for it.

We bought this pellet for NTD10, you need this of course for feeding the sheep.

My first feeding encounter. It was super fun!

I cant get enough of it! And the feeding continues *_*

My Boo had his time off with the little lamb!

I love the deets even their signages have sheep on it.

You can also gaze at several mountains here.

If you enjoy walking and have time to spare, there’s a number of trails to take. Maps available and signs are clearly pointed to different paths.

map-point For the Love of Photos

After the show, we roamed the place to take lots and lots of photos. We travel to create memories and we wanted to capture those memories and the best way is to freeze it through photos and lately, I started filming our travels for my youtube channel which I will pursue later this year. For now, enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy taking them.

There isn’t much to do here but that’s the point especially for city dwellers. This place is a kind of retreat and great for people who want to clear their minds.

Us, loving the laid-back atmosphere.

Adventure is forever and so our love *_* #Charot

In life, it’s not about the place you go it’s who you travel with ^_^

And we hold hands for a lifetime of Adventure…

Let’s take this adventure together ^_^

What I want in life is to travel, fall in love and be happy *_*

And of course, a couple selfie before we leave Cingjing Farm

After Cingjing, we leave the farm through the South Exit, we stop at the mini market located just outside the exit and bought placenta cream and collagen cream that were made of sheep and from there we took a cab back to our accomodation, the short taxi ride cost us NTD200 I know it’s expensive for the 15 minute drive but since we’re pressed for time and don’t want to miss the last bus to Taichung. For interested DIY travelers I posted down below the budget and how-to just for you!

SMILE Budget & How To?


How To Get Here?

There are several ways on how to get to Cingjing Farm, you can hop on a direct bus to Cingjing thru an ego bus or join a tour. For DIY travelers you need to get to Taichung first either by bus or TSHR and then hop on a local Nantou bus to Puli and take another bus to Cingjing. It sounds complicated but it’s really pretty easy just click this link on how to get to QINGJING / CINGJING for full details.

GMAP Address: No. 170, Renhe Road, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 54


Farm Entrance



For transportation expenses and packages please refer to my other blog on how to get to QINGJING/CINGJING for more details.


Travel Tips

  1. Buy the CINGJING PASS or PACKAGE it will save you heaps!
  2. Wear comfy shoes and warm clothing especially in winter.
  3. Bring water a lot!
  4. Wear Sunscreen/Sunblock
  5. Bring your camera and an extra battery!
  6. Bring your tripod/monopod.

I’m in love with Taiwan so watch out for more Taiwan entries in a few days and since we traveled DIY, I will be posting Taiwan Free and Easy guide after my travelogues. Feel free to use the comment area below for questions and or share your experience with me by sharing it here. Also, I’m prepping my Youtube Channel so please do support by subscribing at RunawayMariaTV Don’t forget to follow my journey through my INSTAGRAM @runawaymaria and Facebook by tapping LIKE! See you in my next post.

Happy Travels