Day 9 of 15 (Part 1)

Hello Everyone! Let’s continue with my Seoul Series and this time we decided to ramble the nearby attractions on foot. I love Kdramas and with Lee Min Ho as the epitome of  it, that’s why I find myself searching for this beautiful traditional Hanok at Gahoe-dong. This is not the first shooting/filming location I visited in South Korea, just to name a few, I’ve been to Namsan Tower several times and  Muji Resort in 2011 of which both are BOF drama locations. I know I’m such an avid fan and for a “FAN GIRL”  like me, the great way to end the first month of 2013 in Seoul was to go to a place called Sanggojae.


Good Morning Seoul!

We are staying around Jongno which is actually close to most point of interest in Seoul and with this, it makes the Bukchon Hanok Village within reach. If you’re staying around this area just ask the receptionist or your hostel staff to give you walking direction towards this traditional village. From our hostel we crossed the street towards Changdeokgung Palace and walked a couple of minutes to reach Gahoe-Dong.


When you see roofs like these it means that you’re on the right track.

At Gahoe-Dong

Entry to Gahoe-Dong

map-point Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)

First, what is Bukchon Hanok Village? Bukchon Village translate to northern village and Hanok means traditional house so you can assume hundreds of customary houses. Most of these Hanok serves as guest houses, tea houses and restaurants which gives an opportunity to indulge and immersing with the South Korean immense culture.

This village is surrounded by palaces and shrines and so touring the whole cultural section by foot is way to easy and enticing at the same time. Ready your camera because the place is the perfect background for any photos.


one of the picturesque alleys in Bukchon


I think the most distinctive features of Hanok is the wooden door and well-defined roof.

But way back history these Hanok were made to last a lifetime and were build with careful planning, structuring and positioning. I experienced eating in a Hanok Style restaurant wayback 2011 in Gwangjusi.


You can see from this view where the past meets the present. The traditional houses with great view of modern Seoul’s skyscraper.

map-point Sanggojae


After watching 개인의 취향 “Kaeinui Chwihyang”, Personal Preference or Personal Taste, This particular Gae In’s house became so close to my heart that gives me the desire to visit the actual filming location. The house is called Sanggojae, (The nth time I’m mentioning it here) This is a traditional Korean house with modern finishing touches and a lot of quirks add ons that makes the house unique in the drama.

The key in finding the location of the said house is to find Bukchon Hanok Village first, which is usually included in a regular arranged tourist trip. But for us, everything is do-it-yourself.  So we have to research first ahead of time before we go. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we’re staying around Changdeokgyung Palace area and fortunately it is very near the village, we only need to walk a bit further until we locate Bukchon Traditional Village. The house is located at No. 31 Beon-ji Gahoe-dong, Bukchon. It took us about 20-25 minutes of walking (with a lot of detour for photos 🙂 ). For a person like me who loves walking while sipping a hot macchiato in a chilly weather and of course holding hands with my dear husband wasn’t hard at all but simply amusing.


Seoul is tourist-friendly and you can always go to their office for free travel books and leaflets. Or in our case we just ask these guides to mark our map.

Mind you that its hard to locate houses in Seoul as they’re using number system, of which are sometimes very confusing. Anyways, if you find Bukchon it will be a lot easier because from there you can ask an English Tourist Guide which will guide you on finding this Place. Make sure to have the house photo or at least you know how to pronounce the drama title so they’ll know where you want to go.


The famous Sanggojae


Maybe because I’m in love with the drama and at the same time with Lee Min Ho. I just can’t explain the feeling the moment I saw the house facade. There was something in it that makes my heart happy! When we arrive, there were a number of people,  mostly girls and lovers taking photos of the house. I know they’re feeling the same gladness I am feeling as some of them giggles while having their best shots.

Credit Goes to MBC

Frames taken from Personal Taste with Lee Min Ho waiting for Gae-in Credit Goes to MBC

 Recreating LMH famous shot. A lot of bloggers and netizens are doing this pose.

Recreating LMH famous shot. Bloggers and netizens are doing this pose.


Of course the couple wouldn’t miss a chance to have their photo taken.



Another emulation ^_*



In the drama, the interior/inside part of the house were shot and filmed in Yangju MBC Culture Valley.

If you’re planning to visit this location, it’s best in the morning after breakfast to avoid crowds and burn calories or after 3pm and wait for the sunset if you’re a photo enthusiast,  the golden hour is your best bet for great setting for pictures. You also have to bear in mind that you cannot enter the house premise and you’ll only have the exterior part of it for photos. Actually it doesn’t matter at all since the interior part of the house in the drama was filmed in another place in Yangu (I’ll visit it soon).

The Bukchon village is a private area and just open for public viewing for the Hanok Feel. Make sure that you don’t make any unnecessary noises. However, other Hanok houses are open for a fee that includes tea session and picture opportunities. There are also some Hanok Accomodations if you want to experience living in an Hanok.


 Location 37, Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

 By Train Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2.

 TRAVEL101 : Go straight for about 300m to arrive at Bukchon Hanok Village.


map-point Early Dinner at the Village


Time to devour this set!

Time to devour this set!

After the visit to the village we walk once again and find this cute cottage and eat some pork and chicken cutlet there. You can also find observatory deck if you’re on DIY trip and check out the view of Seoul from the deck. After dinner we stroll again and find ourselves wandering Insadong. See you on my next post.

Again, Happy Reading 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

Happy Traveling and Happy Reading