Hello Lovelies,

Me and my boo are celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary today. So just like many couples, we plan ahead of time for this special annual event. Our initial plan was to celebrate it in Taipei and Kaohsiung. A 7-day trip to Taiwan to be exact but unfortunately we cancelled it, considering the heated national issues between our country and Taiwan. I’m also considering the fact that we have some important business commitments here that we need to attend to. And so we ended up celebrating it at home with our 3 lovely kids. I was thinking of giving him the usual card and something wrapped in a nice gift box, but to make it even more special, I decided to create a video/slideshow out of the photos and video footage taken from our previous trip abroad. I just love how it turns out though it took me 10 hours to finish this 6 minute video. I posted it on my Facebook personal account and it generated hundreds of likes and I wanted to share it here as well for those “MUSHY and ROMANTIC” person who wanted to have a unique gift or presentation for their love ones.

PS. Just in case there will be problem with the video embedded in this blog you may check this out 🙂

As always, thanks for dropping by and if you want a tutorial on how to create a video edit like this let me know, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

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