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Hello Wanderlust, as I am being true to my words of sharing all the interesting places and foods I experienced during my trips locally and abroad, here I am at this hour ticking the keyboard of my Mac just to post this tiring but worthy adventure of mine in Kuala Lumpur. So let’s go on with the day’s itinerary.

Today’s Timeline 

 0000 – 0100 Touch Down Malaysia
 0100 – 0200 Check-in Fraser
 0200– 0600 Beauty Rest
 0700 – 0800 Breakfast
 0800 – 1400 Batu Cave/Gombak
 1500 – 1800 Berjaya Times Square
 1900 Back to Hotel


We landed past 12 in the morning and yet we make it a point to stop and get one of our fave alcoholic drinks at Duty Free. This is of course to save more money instead of getting it at the City at SRP. Then we had our usual coffee at Old Town White Coffee to boost our energy and keep up with the time. We usually book the cheapest fare and so we welcome ourselves to the ungodly hours of traveling. After the aromatic and energy boosting drink, we went to hire a budget taxi that will take us to our accommodation – Fraser’s Place.

We make sure to get discounted alcohol *_*

Baileys Baby *_*

Coffee to keep up with the time Zzzz

Coffee to keep up with the time Zzzz

Taxi to City Center

Budget Taxi to City Center – It cost us RM111.45

There’s an airport bus for cheaper option but since we arrive at wee hours, we have no choice but to get a taxi. We went straight to Fraser, check-in and finally take our much-needed beauty rest.


The cave is on top our list just right after the well known twin towers, as we wanted to check out and experience Hinduism at a glance. This is a sacred place, a shrine where they celebrate and worship their deities. Please don’t get me wrong, as I only wanted to witness their ways. I heard that one of the most diverse religion in terms of rituals is Hinduism. Although I am a Christian, I do believe and respect other’s religion and beliefs as well.

Breakfast to fuel the day!

Breakfast to fuel the day!

After devouring a heaping serving of authentic curry (We knew that this cave will burn a lot of calories), we leave the hotel early in the morning  because we opted to be in Batu Cave as early as possible. I don’t like the idea of exploring this cave at the peak of the sun, we simply love our skin and hate to get a sunburn as we knew how hot and humid KL is. Getting there was a brisk, luckily we’re staying at Frasers Place,  which is centrally located, so we just have to walk a few minutes to get to the train station. There are lots of different trains here so be sure to end up with the pink line. You can find at least one decent and updated map on your app store. If you’re not staying within the city center, do not worry as KL has a good metro train with great connecting lines. There are also buses available so getting here is quite easy. You can also hail a cab if you’re in groups since taxis here are cheap and metered. As for our chosen route, we took the train and alighted at the Gombak Station for 2RM each, afterwards we took a short 5-10 min taxi ride to the cave that costed us a little, I just forgot how much but it wasn’t that much and it was metered anyways.

Train Exterior

Train Exterior


Train Interior

The cave is a bit touristy and crowded as this shrine is very popular among the locals and the tourist as well. This place is truly-magnificent I must say and well worthy of your visit. The gigantic Lord Murugan statue amazed me. They must have spent million of Ringgits for this and it is the tallest Hindu Deity standing in Malaysia at 140 ft and the second in the world.

View Upwards

View Upwards

View from the Top

View from the Top – Weather wise, wear loose clothing and make water handy at all times as KL’s weather is very humid and scorching hot, so drinking plenty of water is essential not to mention you’re going to take hundreds of steps, if you have an asthma like me, an inhaler is a must.

You have to take hundreds of steps (272) before you reach the cave. The mountain or hill itself is made of limestone. You can find several shops inside the cave. Water and souvenirs are widely available that actually makes this place more of an attraction. Although at the time of visit, we saw nexus of Hindus who paid tribute to their Gods. They leave their footwear before the steps and went up barefooted. They respect the monkey more than the usual and kissing the ground is in their norms. I am  starting to assimilate a lot of things about them that day as I learn so many ways of Hinduism. I would love to visit Nepal and India one day, when given a chance to experience more of this religion. I don’t know, but I got this craving after reading one particular novel of which has a touch of ashram teachings that makes me want to learn about it more.

Another good tip that you have to bear in mind is that you have to take care of your bags and foods as there are lots of monkey roaming around and ready to snatch any thing that they find amusing so be aware of your belongings. Watch out for these monkeys and they get agitated at times causing a little trouble.

Another good tip that you have to bear in mind is that you have to take care of your bags and foods as there are lots of monkeys roaming around and ready to snatch anything that they find amusing, so be aware of your belongings at all times. Watch out for these monkeys as they get agitated at times, causing a little trouble.

Some of kind of Park

Nearby Park

Hindu Eccentric Design

Hindu Deities

Furthermore, as pilgrimage this serves as the Hindus focal point of Thaipusam in Malaysia. All in all this Ramayana (BATU) Cave should be in your itineraries. This sanctuary is for people who would like to experience further culture and religion of this country.


 By Train If you’re within the city center like us take the Gombak Station and Ride a 5-10 Min Taxi Ride. When you’re in KL Sentral or in any station with the same line, just take the Batu Caves station from the KTM Commuter Line. It is the 8th Station from KL Sentral.


After the tiring but well worth-it visit to Batu cave, we proceed to this popular one stop mall, hotel with indoor themed park in KL. This is also one way of checking out their retail industry, after all Malaysia is more diverse in terms of different races inhabiting the sprawling city.

Berjaya Times Square

Berjaya Times Square


 By Train 28 minutes from KLIA to KL Sentral by ERL Train and 6 minutes from KL Sentral by monorail

Early Dinner at Bar B Q Plaza

We had an early dinner at Bar-B-Q Plaza and enjoyed their affordable menu. We ordered some beef, shrimp and pork belly to grill

Yummy :)

Scrumptious it is 🙂

Cosmo World

There’s also a themed park inside the mall and hotel as well. For family with kids, staying here when you’re in KL is a good option.

Berjaya Tme SquareAt Berjaya Time Square with tourist snapping photos.

As per schedule, we return to our accommodation around 7pm and explore its amenities, we played Wii, enjoyed the infinity pool and its amazing view of KL skyline and then right after, I make use of the room kitchenette, cooked french fries and spicy chicken wings to pair with Baileys.

Play Wii

Play Wii like kids *_*

KL Tower

Enjoying the View with KL Tower at Our Back *

A special day to remember and we were so happy to tick and update our bucket list. As always Thank You so much for reading. 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

Bonding Time!

More Quality Time *_^

The world awaits, travel now