Day 3 of 9

It’s our third day and so far so good. We went to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, enjoyed the buffet at Seoul Garden (its cheaper compared to SG) and then traveled back to SG to meet few more friends and partied at Clarke Quay and Chijmes.

Today’s Timeline 

 0800 – 0900 Breakfast
 0900 – 1000 Woodlands
 1000 – 1200 Off to JB
 1200 – 1700 Explore JB
 1700 – 1830 Back to SG
 1830 – 2030 Freshen Up
 2030 ONW Bar Hopping


To start the day, we opt to eat at a local hawker to experience SG favorites. As a traveler, its my preference to travel and eat like the locals as much as possible. Hence we come up with this idea — to enjoy Singapore’s National Breakfast favorite.

Waiting for my turn :)

At a hawker stall, patiently waiting for my turn 🙂

Milo Dinosaur &

Tada! Our Breakfast Set – Milo Dinosaur, Egg & Kaya Toast

This set is regarded as a national breakfast item, though usually it is paired with Kopi (hawker style coffee) but for this morning due to weather, we opt for something colder — the Milo Dinosaur. Another drinks to pair with it, is Tea or Milk Tea. The set consist of poached egg, toast, and the best part is still the kaya spread, which taste heavenly and is made of egg, coconut and sugar.


After breakfast, we headed to Woodlands to fetch Gelai (My cousin/bestie), and then we went to Johor Bahru most commonly known as JB. This is the capital of Johor State in Malaysia and is located at the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. Tourist and SG locals usually frequent this as they take advantage of the cheaper price of services and goods.

Bus to JB Malaysia

Bus to JB Malaysia

There are various ways on how to get to JB, Malaysia, you can choose from costly taxi, private coach or more cheaper local public bus operators. These buses have several locations in Singapore, we just took Kranji MRT Station that leads us to Causeway Link service CW1 that provides bus connections to JB Sentral and Larkin Terminal across the border. We lined up and hopped on 950 SMRT Bus.

 TRAVEL 101 : Be sure to bring your Passport and SG Arrival & Departure Card.

Bus Interior

Bus Interior


You need to pass immigration

Of course, as you leave Singapore and enter another country you need to exit SG and enter Malaysian border. As we were at Woodlands Crossing (Causeway), the checkpoints on both sides are referred to as Woodlands CIQ (Singapore) and JB CIQ (Malaysia). It means you’ll have additional passport stamps. Yay!

Mall in JB

JB City Square

 TRAVEL 101 : First question popped in my mind upon arrival, do I need Malaysian Ringgits? The answer is nope, they actually accept SG dollars and is considered as their second currency and maybe because of its better value. But I suggest if you want to stretch your SG Dollars then better change it in SG rather than in JB.

At Seoul Garden

Me and my bestie At Seoul Garden


It’s generally cheaper in JB in terms of everything, food and services. We make sure to take advantage of this and since we arrive lunch time and we’re really starving, the bestest way to enjoy the cheaper price is to pig out at Seoul Garden. We did enjoy their buffet lengths – an unlimited flow of Korean BBQ, healthy hot pot, cold drinks and even yummy dessert. Another food haven for foodies like me.

Yay! Unlimited!

Yay! Unlimited Rounds of Goodness!

I check prices at Etude House to compare

At Etude House – Korean Make Ups!


Then we stop for J.CO Donuts


Must Try!

off to sg again

At JB Border

After hours of window shopping, munching and picture taking, we call it a day in JB and head back to Singapore via the same route. As with entry, you need to exit JB and enter SG through the border checkpoints again, so prepare your passport for another set of stamps. 🙂


We arrived in Singapore around 6-7pm and then hurriedly check-in at Fairmont and freshened up to meet with a few more friends in Clarke Quay. The place to be in Singapore for Party Lovers. The name Clarke Quay was derived from the name of Sir Andrew Clarke, Singapore’s second governor in history.

Today, it boasts tons of bars and restaurant, it’s a mecca for entertainment in Singapore for locals and tourists, they also upgrade the area with retail shops and other recreation to try perfect for the city adventurers.

with friends

Unforgettable Night with friends


Having our pre-anniversary party.

Quirky Bar

C Clinic – Quirky Bar to Try


After Clarke Quay, we moved to another perfect spot for the party goers—Chijmes. This is actually an historic building, an icon in Singapore. It used to be a Catholic convent and a school, it was imminent through its architectural design. The exterior and facade of the building were also restored and is in contrast to what’s happening inside. As of today, Chijmes is converted into series of bars and restaurants.

Club Scene

Club Scene at the Basement of Chijmes

Ladies Night

Ladies Night *_*


Take a pick!

Too tired to add more, see you again for another day of fun and as always, Thank You for reading.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

The world awaits, travel now