Day 4 of 4

Hello Wanderlust, it’s our 4th and last day in Malaysia and the best thing to do of course is to have more fun. Bringing out the kids in us again through exhilarating rides and funny moments. For today, we explored Genting Outdoor theme park and then in the evening, we moved to KL Sentral and proceed to airport to catch our flight back to Manila.

Today’s Timeline 

 0800 – 0900 Breakfast
 0900 – 1100 Pack-up time
 1100 – 1130 Quick Check-out
 1200 – 1800 Theme Park
 1800 – 2000 Genting to KLIA

Outdoor Theme Park

We set our alarm at 8am in order for us to catch the hotel’s breakfast time, First World is a huge hotel and so we need to look for the dining area and luckily we find it without any help. They have a basic selection with curry as usual and so we had some curry, eggs, fruits and brewed coffee. After brekky, we packed our things and prepared ourselves to checkout. Checking out was a breeze and since we’re not leaving the resort yet, we leave our baggage at the concierge and started the day with excitement. Enjoy the photos 🙂

First Ride of the Day

First Ride of the Day

Isn't it exciting?

Isn’t it exciting?

The Loop we love!

The Loop we love!

The Corkscrew

Second Ride – The Corkscrew

The Drop!

3rd – The Drop!

The Cyclone

4Th – The Cyclone


5th – Similar with Flying Fiesta but way scarier.


6th – Vikings

Dino Land

7th – We explore Dino Land

You can have your photo taken together with this humongous reptile,

You can have your photo taken together with this humongous reptile,


After Dinoland – We enjoy this Gondola Ride

Other view of the Park


A closer look to the flamboyant boats

A closer look to the flamboyant boats

If you are theme park lovers like us, most probably you’ll like it here. Though as per observation, some rides and some part of the place needs upgrade and needed to be renovated as well because some areas are really quite dated.

How to Get Here

There are several modes of transportation you can take to get here. You can take public bus, taxi, private coach and or via Genting Skyway. As for our chosen route, we rented a van going there and take the express bus to KL Sentral.

That’s all for today and Thank You so much for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

See you on our next trip,