Day 5 of 9

We’re on the second leg of the anniversary trip and today we’ve flown to Bangkok and will stick around for a few days to take a glimpse of this lively city. For today, we went shopping at the biggest market in Bangkok — the Chatuchak Weekend Market located in Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, this market is more commonly known as JJ market. Tomorrow, we’re going to pay a visit to different Bangkok Temples and Palaces for the first time.

Today’s Timeline 

 0330 – 0400 Breakfast
 0500 – 0510 Check-in Changi Airport
 0700(SG) – 900(BKK) Flight to BKK
 1000 – 1100 Check-in at Amanta
 1200 – 1600 Explore Chatuchak
 1700 – 1830 Esplanade Mall
 1830  2030  Dinner


One of the best airports in Asia or in the world perhaps. The huge airport boasts a multitude of international stores and tons of restaurants. So staying here was quite amusing. Sadly, due to the ungodly time of our flight, most of these stores and restaurants were still closed. Still, we like Changi Airport for so many reasons.

Early Check In time for Jet Star Flight 3K511

Early Check In time for Jet Star Flight 3K511

It’s too early, but yes, we have to be at the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to our flight and our departure time was 7:15 in the morning. We were in Changi as early as 5 and checked-in the soonest. Good thing, we always travel in pair and so we really don’t have any dull moment together and for as long as I remember, we were laughing and talking the whole time.

So early... stores are still closed

At Changi Airport. We’re so early that most of the stores here are still closed

Bangkok here we come!

Bangkok here we come!

Singapore to Bangkok takes 2 and half hours more or less without delays, and is actually one hour behind Manila and Singapore. So we leave Singapore at 7am and arrive in Bangkok, 35 minutes passed 8. After immigration, we get our bags and leave Suvarnabhumi Airport and went straight to our accommodation.


We were allowed for early check-in, so we went straight to our suite, freshened up, changed our clothes and went directly to JJ market. We landed here on a Sunday and since its a weekend market, it’s open. I’d like to see for myself how huge the market is. We took a pink cab going there and arrived at lunch time. It was freaking hot and humid and had to stop every now and then to rest.


Free Ride for Kids and Elders

The market is quite enormous and so free rides are available from 1 section to another. This market caters not only dry goods, but they have various products like antiques, souvenirs, flowers, bags, clothes and anything you can think of.


 By Train Alight at Mo Chit Station Take Exit No. 1 follow the Crowd because obviously everyone is going there on weekends.

 By Taxi Hate to walk? Then you can hire a taxi, especially when you’re in group. Chip in and taxi is still cheap in BKK.

Street Foods

Fried Quail Eggs Thai Style over some stir fried veggies

Street Foods

We also enjoyed this Vegetable Spring Rolls that you can dip in a Thai sweet chili sauce

Quick relief to the scorching heat

Quick relief to the scorching heat – There’s so many fascinating stuff in this market and one of which is the Cold Towel, I think this should be available in our country especially during summer.

Contact Lens in Market

Doing some kind of research that I can report to my superior in Korea ^_^


Clothes are inexpensive yet unique and with style.

After Chatuchak, we took the train from Mo Chit Station and alighted at the Thai Cultural Station. Walk for a bit to Esplanade Mall, which is by the way near our hotel. Fortunately, Amanta Ratchada is a very nice accommodation with good amenities and that includes fully equipped kitchen and so I come up with a great idea and that is to prepare our very own dinner.  We then look for grocery and stumble upon Tops Market, my boo and I get a handful of cooking stuff, headed back to the hotel and cooked dinner for the 2 of us.


It’s going to be a fun night!

Grocery Time

Fresh and Healthy Salad Bar

Prepping for Dinner

Prepping for Dinner


Yay Its Dinner Time *

Our Version of Ramen

Dennis Ramyun with Quail Eggs & Crabs

After dinner we call it a night and sleep early as we have a full day ahead tomorrow. Good Night and Thank You So Much for Reading 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

The world awaits, travel now