Day 6 of 9

How’s your day? Hoping you’re having a good time as much as we do. As for today, We are grateful because it has been a culture-rich kind of day as we’ve paid a visit to Thailand’s must see palaces and temples. So in preparation, we woke up early, finished our morning routines and then have our brekky in the hotel designated breakfast area which by the way was really fantastic because of its cozy and resort like ambiance. Check my review here for you to check out what fantastic is. But for now, let’s go straight to famous BKK landmarks.

Today’s Timeline 

 0600 – 0700 Getting Ready
 0700 – 0800 Breakfast
 0900 – 1200 Grand Palace
 1300 – 1600 Wat Pho & Chao Phraya
 1700 – 2000 Siam Square
 1700 – 1830 Esplanade Mall
 1830  2030  Dinner


Grand Palace is one of the most exquisite examples of Siamese Court, used to be the residence of kings in Thailand. There are several tours operating here in Bangkok, but as usual, me and my boo wanted to save more and be adventurous as always, its DIY. From our hotel we went to Saphan Taksin S6 station exit no 2 and then from there we took the Chao Phraya Express boat to N9 Ta Chang Pier.

Temple Ticket

Temple Ticket Cost 400 Baht

As planned, we go directly to the Grand Palace entrance and bought tickets. It costed us 400 Baht each which includes a day pass to the Central Court of the Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha and an entry to  Vimanmek Mansion.

Which Way To Go

Which way to go?

As this spot is constantly packed with crowded tourist, we didn’t get a chance to have a clear shot of the central court and so we just roam around the place with less tourists to take our obligatory photos as souvenirs. After all, we’re planning a second trip to this place with the kids soon.

Us and the Palace


More Obligatory Photo

There’s also some place that are under renovation as you can see from our back .


Buddhism in Thailand has become their main religion consisting of more than 90 percents of population and so it is expected for Thailand to have numerous Buddha Shrine and Temples of all sorts. We were lucky enough to visit some of the main temples during our visit. I could say that even if it’s touristy they were able to preserve so much political history and religion in one complex.


Getting Some information


Please show some respect by taking off your shoes.

 TRAVEL 101 : Make sure to visit this place wearing pants or long skirt as they don’t allow people to enter in minis and short as a means of respect. However, you can actually rent sarongs for a mere fee at the entrance, still it is best to save money so better be ready than sorry. Also, please don’t make unnecessary noise as this is a place of worship.


Emerald Buddha with my not so pretty angle * I can’t seem to find any decent photo of the Emerald Buddha. T.T


The Reclining Buddha

Lucky Coins

Lucky Coins

The pail of coins can be purchased for 20 Baht and you need to drop it to the isle along the reclining Buddha as a sign of respect. It’s also a belief that by doing so, you can have your wishes come true and brings you luck.

So I'll take my chances

Definitely, I’ll take my chances*_*

Saying my Mantras

Chanting my Mantras. My Boo please check your framing and camera angles please!

More Buddhas

More Buddhas


With High School Thai Girls


Famous Tuktuk

From Wat Pho, we hired Tuktuk that will take us to Saphan Taksin that will connect us to the train going to Siam. This is also a great way to see Bangkok through this well known rickshaw – The Tuktuk! But beware because there are quite a number of scammers here so guard up and you’ll be okay. Be sure to haggle nicely to get the best fare though.

Tuktuk Ride

Tuktuk Ride to Saphan Taksin

Getting Ticket at Bangkok Sky Train

Getting 2 Passes at Bangkok Sky Train


After so much history, let’s continue with the present. Siam Square is in contrast of old Thailand and is a great way to witness the modern Thais. Siam square as per reading is mainly the city’s hub for all things cool. The range of shops here is very extensive, connecting one mall to the other and it boasts high end brands whilst promotes their local designers in one place. It also caters to all ages with different activities to try.

Siam Station

Siam Square amidst BTS Siam Station

I’ve always wanted to try Purikura booth, which is very popular in Japan and luckily we stumble to this kawaii machine and have our photo taken with excitement. *_*

Kawaii Creation

Kawaii Creation

Puri Puri

Tada the Kawaii Result*_*

We make sure to explore Siam Paragon and the other malls nearby as much as we could and as a result of endless walking, you bet that our stomach is growling and aching for something palatable. We then decided to look for a place to eat and find Pepper Lunch. We ordered 3 sets of sizzling plate – Beef Peppered Rice, Salmon and Pork Peppered Rice and 2 iced cold coca cola.

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

Much Needed food :)

Much Needed food trip after the tour.

After dinner, we walk for a bit and go back to our accommodation to rest as we need some serious shut-eye to catch the early flight to Singapore. Again my readers, Thank You So Much for Reading 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

The world awaits, travel now