Day 8 of 15

Since we enjoyed roaming every bits of Myeongdong yesterday and stayed up until midnight drinking Soju and eating BBQ, it is given that we woke up feeling a little bit cranky and drowsy the following day. And so My Boo and I started the day very late around lunch time I think and for this day we decided to continue the fun and go to Hongdae to hang-out. In Korea when someone says let’s go to Hongdae, it is as good as Let’s have some fun. The word Hongdae is an abbreviation of Hongik University. This crowd-pleasing area is well known for arts and entertainment.

map-point ANGUK


Good Morning Seoul

Anguk Station has been our starting point for 9 days and as usual we always use subway since its economical and easy to navigate. From Anguk we move towards Eul-jiro change trains from Line 6 to Line 2 and alighted directly at Hongik University Station.

Anguk Station


My boo and I have been to Hongdae several times and blogged about this already. The hippest of all places in Seoul I must say. This area is located in Mapo-Gu, situated in the western end of Seoul and popularly known for its trendy cafe, unique stalls, vintage shops, clubs, dining and entertainment. Hongdae is near Honggik University, which is where they get their artsy influence. Honggik University is well known for its prestigious art college. It’s also a hub for all things indie, be it music scene or urban arts, and this is where a lot of famous Korean artist actually started.




ship-carBy Train Alight at Hongik University Station Subway Line 2, Gyeongui Line

ship-carBy Bus Airport Bus 6002,6712 City Bus 271,273,602,603,604,760,921 Express Bus 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300,1400,1500


If you take Exit 8 and go to your right you’ll notice a road full of BBQ houses. And since we miss our daily breakfast at our hostel, it is the perfect time to chow down the famous Korean grilled meat.


BBQ House interior


The Happy Lady!

There might be some changes in prices since the prices quoted below are based from our 2013 trip. You can tell that the Beef Menu is relatively higher and is actually considered luxury in Korea. Usual BBQ are made of Pork. Better ask for English menu when dining. Hongdae is tourist friendly so communicating wont be a problem. For first timer try to order Galmaegisal.

Pork Belly 4900 150
Galmaegisal (portion between the pig’s liver and midriff) 5900 150
Beef Bulgogi 7900 250
Knife Mark Pork Belly 5900 200
Spicy Pork Belly 5900 200
Ribs 5900 150
Beef Galbisal (Ribs) 8900 150
Chadol (Thinly Sliced Beef Brisket) 6900 150
Chewy Pork Skin 5000 200

Our set of orders

You need to order at least 2 sets of meat and this set comes with the usual banchan (side dishes). We ordered gooiga chadol one spicy and one non-spicy. We also ordered 2 cups of Bap or rice and Gaeranjim or steamed egg casserole which is a nice combination of the tasty meats.


Having a cup of warm coffee is not just enjoying or sipping your fave drinks. In here its more than that, you’ll be assured that any coffee shops here serve delicious coffee as Koreans have a taste when it comes to coffee. But aside from the taste you can visit different type or what they called themed cafe. Some of the theme cafe that can be found here are the Coffee Prince, Hello Kitty Cafe, Bakery Cafes, Book Cafes, Animal Cafes and even Fortune-Telling cafes.


Coffee Prince

We plan to go to two cafes but I’m quite sad knowing that the real Coffee Prince Shop is closed for maintenance. The one I’ve visited during the winter of 2011 was just another branch and now that I know where the real location is—its closed. But anyways we just decided to try another themed cafe and that is the famous Hello Kitty Cafe. Click this link for full review.


This is how they serve their tiramisu cake


Not complete without a little photo opp


My caramel macchiato is best served with HK face


My Vanilla Cake


Another fave – Pink Chino


Another place to shop in Seoul aside from Myeongdong is anywhere near university, simply because you can find the best deal here to cater students. What sets Hongdae apart from all the other shopping nooks in Korea is that this area sells a variety of goods. You can find unique shops and stalls that sells trendy clothing and accessories. There are also vintage shops and quirk shops that sells both new and old stuff. Stylish Style NANDA can also be found here where they have huge headquarter. Plus of course beauty shops from Korean well-loved brands.


Aside from these shops, you can also find drugstores and beauty shops here like Olive Young and Boots this is where I gets most of my supplies. Its like a Korean Watson.


Style Nanda HQ


Cute Quaint Shop


Shopping Alley


Fun and Quirky


For dinner we lined up for Chocochip Egg Balls

After eating some tasty egg balls we then go to Hongik University station again and go back to our accommodation to sleep and rest for tomorrow’s another day of pure and traditional Seoul.


One of the busiest station ever!

Hope you get a thing or two from this post and watch out for more. If you have any questions or same experience feel free to use the comment area below.

Happy Traveling and Happy Reading