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I LOVE IT! PS: I maybe bias because its girly, pinky, kawaii and its Hello Kitty rolled into one.


Happy Hearts Day Readers! Well in-spite of my erratic routines; shipping, inventories and family dates. I make it a point to have this entry posted because I felt that this is the perfect time to publish this blog for the obvious reason that today is a very special day for lovers and families not only in the country but for the most part of the world. This sweet dainty pink cafe will inspire you to have that sugary date that any girls would swoon over.

We celebrated Valentines day in advance as couple: A date in Hongdae Area in Seoul last January 30. Our initial plan was to visit two (2) coffee shops but ended up with just one since Coffee Prince was under renovation that time and we really don’t have a choice but to walk further and get to our second stop — The Hello Kitty Cafe.

 The Hello Kitty Cafe

Finding the place was a breeze because this is our second time as we’ve been here with friends last 2011 though we actually just passed by after all we opted for the Coffee Prince way back then. As I promised myself that I’ll be back — here I am after 2 years looking happy and giddy as always and I’m looking forward for long afternoon coffee break. 🙂


I felt the same feeling I had the first time I saw this cafe in 2011. I am fond of its cuteness and I adore Hello Kitty so much and been a fan ever-since. My younger sister keeps on reminding me that she was the real fanatic who relish this charming cat and I’m not! But little did she know that I do like this kawaii kitty too, though I must admit that she’s a little over the top.


From the outside, you should know that you’re going to embark on an exciting and kawaii world of pink and kitty stuff because the exteriors are all painted in pink and designed in accordance with Hello Kitty Bow. There’s even a signage that really catches my attention. My husband knows how much I love directions signage and this one tops it all with the cutie font and the detailing on it – the couple Kitty and Daniel in monkey form.


 Where to Order?

When you enter the cafe, you will get an eyeful of cute stuff and also you’ll notice the shop’s counter with HK novelties and the open kitchen wherein the staff prepares your lattes and frappes.

2013sk-hk-cafe-01-001 2013sk-hk-cafe-01-002


Along the counter, you can catch a glimpse of the delectable sweets they have.


Tiramisu, Cake, Bread and Waffles.


Latte Options

 What to Order?

Like most Korean coffee shops and fast-food chains they will hand you something like the photo below as an indicator – when the thing lights up and vibrates that means that your order’s ready for pick up. Similar with Bonchon (Korean Fast-food Chain) here in the Philippines.

2013-hk_cafe_02_01I ordered Vanilla Cake in HK die-cut Face. They’re selling it for 10,000 KRW and is available in 3 flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. My husband loves tiramisu so I get one for him at 5,000 won.  As for our coffee, I chose Caramel Macchiato (5,000 won) while he had his usual Mocha Latte over ice at 4200 won. We paid 24,200 korean won in total and added additional 6000 won for the Pink-chino.


Order Summary

Menu Amount KRW
Vanilla Cake (Maria) 10,000
Tiramisu (Boo) 5,000
Caramel Macchiato (Maria) 5,000
Mocha Latte (Boo) 4,200
Pink-Chino (Shared) 6,000

*Php1280/*26 USD More Or Less

Based on our 2013 Trip and still subject to changes. Posted for your reference only.

My Boo’s tiramisu


Fluffy and Tasty that’s what you get with tiramisu.


I love Vanilla and you get a white die-cut face if you order vanilla, pink for strawberry and brown for chocolate. They should put the iconic red bow instead of the plain boring white to add color to this cute face.


Take a peek what’s inside my vanilla cake.


Caramel Macchiato is best served with this artsy HK face.

 What to Expect?

The cafe’s first floor are mostly occupied so we ended up in the second floor, to my astonishment I never thought that the place would be as fancy as it is and it looks like a sophisticated pink lounge. The shop interior reminds me of Barbie and Paris Hilton at the same time. Instead of describing them I have photographed every single details that catches my attention. So enjoy the photos below as much as I enjoyed sipping my Macchiato.

First Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Second Floor

Toilet for Girls. Wasnt able to ask my husband to take photos of Mens Room but Im sure its filled with Daniel

Toilet for Girls. I forgot to ask my husband to take snaps of Mens Room but I’m sure it’s filled with Daniel

Hello Kitty Details

Hello Kitty Detailing

Since I wanted to try more drinks and of course hang out a little longer, I asked Dennis to order Citron tea but my fave tea was out of stock and instead Dennis ordered Pink-Chino for me. It’s a strawberry-vanilla shake with a yogurt soft serve on top.


Perfect place to lounge & work. Free Wifi ^_*

My Pink-Chino

My Pink-Chino

 Kawaii Snaps


Most photos are really cheesy and kawaii. ^_*

Of course we wouldn’t miss the chance of getting nice photo background and so we smile for the camera for quite some time until we get the shots that we want. I tell you we have a lot and just sharing with you guys some of it.  2013-hello_kitty_cafe-po-2 2013-hello_kitty_cafe-po-3 2013-hello_kitty_cafe-po-4 2013-hello_kitty_cafe-po-5

Hope you enjoy this entry as much as I did reminiscing the experience. Again, Happy Reading and hopefully you can get a thing or two from this post. Happy Nomnom & Happy Travels!


ship-carBy Train Alight at Hongik University Station Subway Line 2

Here’s how to locate the Hello Kitty Cafe.

3_map_storePeople Who Loves to Eat are always the best People – Julia Child