February 3, 2017 (Day 4) – I started my birthday waiting for the 12-midnight strike with a Sakura Beer at Hand while enjoying both the company of my dear hubby and the tasty Xiao Long Bao we bought earlier at the Night Market. Like my previous birthdays, this day was memorable as ever and I’m really looking forward to more birthday adventures like this. Where I get to explore new place with my deary.

Birthday Salubong

Since we strolled a lot yesterday and considering that we hit the sack in the wee hours, it’s a sure thing that we get up two hours late behind our schedule. But instead of panicking, I take it slow and gaze at our window pane, after all, we were assigned to a high floor room with great view of the harbor city. I wouldn’t let this morning pass without taking several snaps. These photos were taken through a window glass.

map-point 9 AM Harbour Restaurant

We plan to get up around 7 but we ended up going to the Harbour Restaurant few minutes past 9 AM. We took the elevator up and find out that there’s quite a line already. There’s a podium at the entrance with a staff that checks both your room number and the breakfast voucher provided upon check-in.

Harbour Restaurant

You need to bring your breakfast voucher or either show your room number to confirm your reservation.

The breakfast runs from 6 AM to 10:30 AM and they pretty much have the usual buffet spread you can find in a 5-Star hotel, what sets them apart is, of course, the authenticity of Chinese/Taiwanese food. They sampled a variety of local dishes and fruits. I also read reviews that they also cater the best seafood buffet here in Taiwan so if you’d like to try the resto then make sure to call them for reservation.

The main area for the buffet spread.

Noodles and Dimsum area

For the first round we opt for something continental and right after these plates, we sampled local rice noodles, veggies and more.

map-point 12 PM Zuoying HSR Station

After the hearty brunch, we stayed and watched NBA Game at our room then right after the game we check-out around 12 and proceeded to Zuoying HSR Station by Taxi. This set us back around NTD200 for the few minute cab ride. Upon checkout, I was surprised that they prepare something for me since it’s my birthday and to think that I didn’t expect anything and still receive something is truly heartwarming.

Yehey I feel special with the little loot they have for me.

Couple snap at the lobby ^_^

At Zuoying HSR Station

Exchanging my Klook Voucher for Actual Ticket at Zuoying HSR

map-point 230 PM Taichung HSR Station

We leave Kaohsiung around 1 PM and reach Taichung Station around 2:30 PM. My Boo and I actually missed the direct bus to Cingjing and so we ended up buying two tickets to Puli instead and from Puli, we need to transfer to another bus going to Songgang where we have a one-night reservation.

I actually have another blog entry on how to travel to Cingjing for interested traveler click here for more information on DIY travel.

At Nantou Bus Counter at Taichung HSR

Nantou Bus Interior

map-point 4 PM Puli Bus Station

From Taichung HSR Station, we traveled to Puli for one hour and from there, we bought another bus ticket for Cingjing/Songgang. I suggest that if you want to stretch out your money, save yourself some time without the hassle buy the convenient Cingjing pass and it comes with an RT ticket. See this entry for more details on how to get to Cingjing.

Taichung to Puli NTD139/Person, Puli to Cingjing NTD112/Person that’s 251 NTD per way

Local Brown Coffee NTD20

It gets a little crowded since Cingjing is considered as vacation spot for both local and tourist

map-point 530 PM Songgang

From Puli, it takes another hour for you to reach Cingjing. If I were to compare this place it’s like Baguio or Genting because the place is cooler compared to the City and it’s located at the top of the mountain which is a perfect area for relaxation. The journey to Cingjing/Songgang is quite long, slow with tons of curves so be sure to sit tight. Prepare your camera as there’s quite a few good place to shot.

The photo was taken with my iPhone 6s Plus.

We reached Camper Horse Motorhomes 30 minutes past 5 PM and went straight to the tiny office to check-in. I’m quite happy with staying in a motorhome and I just ticked it off out of my bucket list.

Check-in Counter

map-point 7 PM Chicken King

As soon as we settle, we dine-in at the nearest restaurant called Chicken King which is located in front of the motorhome, we have a meal set for NTD799 which has a little bit of everything, chicken, soup, veggies, and rice.

The Birthday Girl

My Date

Meal Set for NTD799

The meal comes with this soup that is perfect for the chilly weather.

map-point 9 PM We call it a Night!

After the delightful dinner, we went to the convenient store to buy some snacks before we call it a night. We have a pre-plan trip for tomorrow so we prepare the things that we need and retire earlier. My Boo and I hit the sack and snooze right away as we plan to hike Hehuanshan in the morning. If you’re interested in this accommodation then check out my review here.

My bed for the night. Inside the Motorhome.

Baon for Tomorrow’s Stargazing & Sunrise Watching Tour

IDEABudget 1O1

  • Conversion as per exchange we had at NAIA. NTD1 to Php1.75.
  • CINGJING Camperhorse Motorhome booked this on a CNY Period so the rate is more than the usual. I booked this using MasterCard with reward points convertible to getgo.
 9:00 AM Brunch Buffet at Harbour Restaurant
 12:00 PM Taxi to Zuying Station NT$200 (Shared) ₱350.00
 1:00 PM TSHR to Taichung from Kaohsiung for 2 via KLOOK ₱2,050.00
 2:30 PM Taichung to Puli via Nantou Bus NT$139 Each  ₱486.50
Local Coffee at Puli NT$20 Each  ₱70.00
 4:00 PM Puli to Cingjing via Nantou Bus NT$112 Each   ₱392.00
 5:15 PM Check-in at Cingjing CamperHorse with Breakfast   ₱4,624.26
 7:00 PM Birthday Dinner at Chicken King for NT$799 Meal for 2  ₱1398.25
 9:00 PM 7/11 Snacks & Drinks for NT$200   ₱350.00
 Total Expenses for 2 Pax  ₱10,071.01

Again, watch out for more Taiwan entries in a few days and since we traveled DIY, I will be posting Taiwan Free and Easy guide after my travelogues. Feel free to use the comment area below for questions and or share your experience with me by sharing it here. Also, I’m prepping my Youtube Channel so please do support by subscribing at RunawayMariaTV Don’t forget to follow my journey through my INSTAGRAM @runawaymaria and Facebook by tapping LIKE! See you in my next post.

Happy Travels