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As I wanted this blog to be more informative I will be posting travel series of How Tos? and What Tos? that are super relevant and helpful in reaching your dream destination. I am in Taipei now isnide my capsule room enjoying Taiwan and you know why? because my airfare is totally free and I got it using my GetGo points. So without further ado I’ll be discussing how to get and accumulate points.

What is GetGo?

GET GO is somehow similar with other airlines miles program. In order for you to get your free flights via Cebu Pacific you need to get this Card / Membership. GetGo is the most recent lifestyle rewards program that can give you free flight through flights and or through other ways that I’ll post later in this post.


How to Become a Member

Late last 2015 I got a package from Cebu Pacific through Air21 and the parcel contains the Free Membership GetGo Card, I guess when you fly frequently with them, this card became an incentive  and you’ll get this for free, However, don’t be sad as you can still be a member just by availing their membership by paying a onetime fee of Php150, it includes a lifetime membership plus all the perks of GetGo members. If you’re interested then sign up here.

How I Earn Points?

  1. Through Flights. You earn I GetGo points for every Php5 spent with Cebu Pacific and CebGo.
  2. You can also earn not only with airfare but with other Flight add ons like baggage, meals and seat selectors.
  3. You can also earn through grocery and shopping at any Robinson Stores.
  4. Earn points through online booking at Agoda, Kaligo and Travel Book.
  5. Convert your Credit Card points to CebGo Points.
  6. Even with Gas you can earn via Petron

Additional Inputs:

  1. With regards to Credit Cart conversion, I always make sure to check promos they sometimes have 25 percent to 100 percent bonus this means that you’ll get additional points.
  2. If you’re planning to do shopping like groceries and stuff then better visit Robinson for additional points.
  3. You can also use these points for flight add ons but I don’t and save points for airfare only.
  4. Wait for GetGo sales to maximise your points.
  5. Earn with your family and best travel buddy. You can accumulate as an earning circle which everyone can share and enjoy free flights.
  6. For an additional fee on your accomodation booking via Kaligo or Agoda you can earn extra points. Just don’t forget to link your GetGo account.

For Complete list of their updated partners click this.

Hoping you get something useful and in no time I will be posting more practical tips and effective travel advice. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram and Facebook for updates.

Till then and Happy Travels!

Happy Travels