There are multiple ways on how to get to Taipei or any part of Taiwan from Taoyuan Airport. The transportation system in Taiwan is convenient, timely, accessible and very easy to navigate. I don’t speak Chinese, and yet I was in a position to get around using any local transport available be it bus, train or cab.

By Public Bus (24 hours)

1819 Kuokang Bus to Taipei

1819 Kuo Kuang Bus to Taipei

Airport buses are the cheapest of all, especially if you’re traveling solo or by pairs. There are several bus company that links the airport to the city. When you land Taoyuan Airport just check for the sign “Bus to City.” You can find both the ticket counters and bus stations in B1, and so you need to take the elevator down and follow the crowd direction. Walk a bit further, and you can see several counters, look for Kuo Kuang Bus and buy the 1819 ticket to Taipei Main Station for NTD125/adult and half of regular fare for the concessionaires. Sale and Cheap airfares are usually on a red-eye flight, and I tell you that we always land at our destination after Midnight. So here’s the timetable for trips after 12 am.

Timetable after 12 AM

1:10 AM 1:25 AM 1:40 AM
2:00 PM 2:30 AM 3:30 AM
4:30AM 5:10 AM 6-12 RTC
Look for these lighted signboards

Look for these lighted signboards

Aside from the Ticket counter you can buy tickets at vending machines

Aside from the Ticket counter you can buy tickets at vending machines

Line at the Proper station and ready your tickets

Line at the Proper station and ready your tickets

Arrival at Taipei Main Station

Arrival at Taipei Main Station

Cross the Streets and you can see Taxi Stand

Cross the Streets, and you can see Taxi Stand

Once you reach Taipei Main Station, you can take a cab from there to your chosen accommodation. Taxis are readily available, just make sure to print out your Hotel or Hostel in Chinese together with its complete address. From Taipei Main Station we paid NTD200 for 10-12 minutes drive.

By Taxi (24 hours)

If you’re traveling in groups, then I suggest for you just to hail a cab. Usually, taxi gives a flat rate of NTD1000 to anywhere in Taipei.  Chip in and share for convenience. Taxis are widely available in  Airports and be sure to haggle down nicely for discounts. Please note that there are midnight surcharges, so there’s a slight increase for taxi beyond 7 pm.

By HSR (6-11pm)


Bullet Train to Taipei ^_^


THSR Standard Economy interior

If you like to experience Taiwan’s High-Speed Rail or bullet train without going to another city, then this is your chance. We tried HSR several times from Kaohsiung to Taichung, Taichung to Taipei and Taipei to Airport and we liked it for its speed, and if you’re in a hurry and pressed for time then this is your best option. Unfortunately, it’s closed after 12 and runs again after 6 am, from airport you can take TSHR Shuttle to the nearest HSR station or take a local Ubus for NTD30. You can save as much as 30% off if you purchase in advance and yes you can book this online via http://www.thsrc.com.tw/en/Home.

Full Fare Children / Disabled Tickets Group Tickets 10%off 20%off 35%off
Standard Seats $160 $80 $150 $140 $125 $100
Business Seats $440 $220 $330
Non-Reserved Seats $155 $75

Via Klook (24) Hours

That’s what I love about technology; it helps travelers big time. With the use of the internet, some travel apps and a couple of clicks, you can book airport to city carpool slightly cheaper than taxi and HSR 20% cheaper than the actual rate. Make sure to book at least few days before arrival for confirmation.


Airport Transfer Available at Klook


TSHR Discounted Price

If you don’t have any idea about Klook App, click this for a simple guide about it.  Feel free to use the comment area below for questions and or share your experience with me by sharing it here. Don’t forget to follow my journey through my INSTAGRAM @runawaymaria and Facebook by tapping LIKE! See you in my next post.


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