Day 9 of 15 (Part 2)

For those who want to know more about Buckhon Hanok Village check-out our Day 9 Part 1 here.  After Bukchon, we proceeded to Insadong right away, saved some Korean won and burned hundreds of calories because we’re still on foot. We passed several palaces along the way and went straight to this popular tourist destination for the Korean heritage feels.


Along the way I noticed several well-known brands. One store that caught my eyes is Cath Kidson which sells all things dainty chic and pretty.

map-point Insa-dong (청계천)

History seemed to repeat itself as we rekindle our 2011 trip with friends and take the same walking tour/path again. We explored the charming road of Insa-dong Street where the celebrated past meets its glorious present. My boo and I checked-out plenty of shops and explored the exquisite alleys which offer traditional and cultural values in food and in sight. I must say that most Dong or neighborhood in Seoul kinda leaves me a lasting impression that everytime I’ll visit Korea I’ll make sure to make a pit-stop at each and single dong that catches my attention.


Like what I’ve said in my 2011 travelogue on the celebrated traditional street of Seoul. A trip to Insa-dong when you’re in Seoul is truly a necessary. A fundamental for everyone who wants to see the fusion of Korea’s historical past whilst embracing modernity at the same time. In here, you can see how Koreans value their cultural heritage, preserving numerous arts and antiques through galleries and cultural shops. You can actually find a plethora of galleries that holds every example of Korean fine arts from paintings to sculptures. The most famous galleries are Hakgojae Gallery, which functions as the center of folk art while the Gana Art Gallery promotes many promising local artist. The Korean antique association is located here and I think this is one of the few focal points when it comes to Korean Cultural Arts and Crafts.


Traditional Pots for Sale— Out of clays and ceramics.


Novelty souvenirs are also available including KPOP and Hallyu stuff.


Dried foods and traditional candies for souvenirs or pasalubong.


Since this is traditional street, all establishment including Starbucks, Etude House and more brand names are written in Hangul

map-point Ssamzie-gil Road (쌈지길)

Along the traditional street, you can also check-out Insa Art Center and this multi-cultural area where you can shop and get trendy arts and crafts. There’s also unique stalls that sells equally distinct food and drinks like the poop bread with choco filling and the coffee shop in a kart. If you’re lucky enough you can catch exhibitions and performances here. You can never miss this area because it is being flocked by both locals and tourist.


In 2011 and 2013


You can find a number of quaint shops inside Ssamzie-gil that sells unique and trendy items from home decor, accessories, clothings to small trinkets.


Try the 1000 won bread with shape like poops and is filled with choco filling.


Not bad for 1000 KRW


You can also have your face drawn by talented Korean artist.


Lovely Shops!


Unique coffee to try

If you have plenty of time, you can visit other point of interest located in this neighborhood like the Jogyesa Temple, Bosingak Belfry and Unhyeongung palace. This is also a great place to try traditional Korean dishes at affordable price. As for us we walked towards Cheogye Stream and Seoul Plaza.


 Location 44, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

 By Metro Line 3 Anguk Station Exit 6 (5-10 Mins Walk) or Alight at Jonggak Station and walk your way out Up to


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