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I’m hoping everyone is having a good start this 2017 and speaking of NY I decided to broaden up this blog by adding several topics such as lifestyle, beauty, fashion and tech categories of which I’m also interested with. So I’ll start with my recent online shopping hauls, I love watching this kind of videos in youtube and so I decided to share my purchases here. Please note that this post is not to brag nor to show off things that I own (that’s a disclaimer of course) but to share with you guys the style I love that might become your inspiration in a way and why I get this certain products plus of course how I get huge discounts.

Actually it’s my promise not to splurge on material stuff and invest on travels and memories but sometimes I need to make an exception especially for good buys. Anyways, just like you, I adore markdowns, clearances and fab promos. So for this month, I bought several stuff for my upcoming birthday holiday. I didn’t pick up anything for Christmas and save it for my birthday instead. Every year I opt to celebrate my birthday to a place or country I’ve never been to and for this year I chose Taiwan and I’m actually in Taipei now. So let’s continue with my new babies.

Kate Spade Cameron Street Stacy in Pink Bonnet

I bough this during their sale last December and you wouldn’t believe how much is this cutie wallet. It retails for about 110 USD and I checked this in Rockwell priced more than Php6000. I know some of you won’t believe and would raise an eyebrow but yes I got this for only $49.54 including tax thats about Php2,490.32. As for logistic, I have this shipped to a friend in New York and she then forwarded the items in the Philippines together with the big box of Make Up brushes that I’m selling at ThePinkShoppe.

Wallet details from Kate Spade's website.

Wallet details from Kate Spade’s website.

Reason for Buying: Aside from its price, I bought it because of its size which is perfect for traveling, Not too small and not too chunky to carry, it also has several slots for my cards. And the color is so lovely and girly muted pink. Well, I love anything Pink to be exact.

Total Damage

Menu Amount in USD
Cameron Street Stacy $110.00
Total Discount I got ($64.50)
Tax $4.04
US Land Shipping FREE
US – PH FREE *I include this with TPS shipments so I consider it free ^_^
TOTAL 49.54 USD  *₱2,490.32

Mango Front Pocket Backpack & Patch Clutch

I have been searching for Black Backpack for the longest time, I’ve been to several malls in search for the perfect backpack for me. Went to several shops like Aldo, Mango, Bershka, Pull & Bear and H&M but I didn’t find anything close to what I have in mind. I really want to purchase something in the Kate Spade line but of course it comes with a hefty price tag and so I looked for something affordable yet chic and classy and I ended with purchasing this front pocket backpack from Mango which is suitable for traveling.

Mind you that the online site is way cheaper than PH Mall prices and though I paid for shipping fee still the prices are still cheaper in comparable to mall SRPs. At first, I’m quite scared that I might pay taxes but lo and behold I didn’t pay any. The package was delivered by DHL and its super fast knowing that the items were sent out in Spain. I ordered it online last Jan 19 and received the parcel a few days later. As per website they deliver within 3-6 business days.

Bag detailing from Mango’s Website

Aside from the Bag I also bought this padded hello pouch which is suited for my iPad Mini and headset. It comes with super cute detailing I love cherry and so the cute cherry pompom balls is a plus.

Pouch detailing from Mango’s Website

Total Damage

Menu Amount in Php
BackPack ₱1,895
Discount (₱600) *About 32 Percent
Pouch Php795
Discount (₱300) *About 38 Percent
Spain to PH ₱690.00
TOTAL ₱2,480

Once again, thanks for reading and let me know what you think about these goodies. Till my next haul.

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