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I’ve always wanted to experience Thai Cinemas because I’ve seen it in Thai movies and its a little over the top compared on regular cinema that we usually experience here in the country. A time-out like watching movie is somehow comforting after 2 days of non-stop walking plus we’re considering that day was Dec 3—our 101st wedding monthsary. We took a day off from bargain hunting since our feet were seriously aching and it felt like we need to see a movie again at Siam Paragon of which we missed for a year. We’re hoping to see a Thai movie called Countdown starring Pachara Chirathivat of Suckseed and Toey Jarinporn but unfortunately it will be showing at a later date and so we settled with Cloud Atlas – a fiction movie with lead stars Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

The Ambiance

I’m not reviewing this movie but instead the cinema itself. This is just a regular cinema and for a more luxurious feel try to see the other movie houses that you can find in Bangkok. The cineplex are located at the 5th floor of Siam Paragon, a shopping haven for Thais and of course for some shopaholic tourist, you can also find Hermes, Prada and the likes here plus a humongous department store that houses numerous make-up and designer brands. The ambiance of the cineplex is similar with Newport Cinema that can be found in Resort World.


A great lounge for people waiting for their dates or families buying tickets and foods


The ticket cost is somehow expensive than most cinemas in the Philippines but I think still cheaper than most movie houses in Singapore and Seoul. You can actually save a few extra bucks by choosing your seats a little downwards but try to get a couple sofa if you’re a couple and do not mind adding a few extra Baht which is really worth it for the whole experience. The picture below is where you can purchase your tickets but there are also vending machine readily available and online site wherein you can also buy cinema passes. These cinemas are operated by Major Cineplex group and offering discounts and rewards for M Generation member of which I used to be a member but my card were no longer activated and is already expired and so we line for our passes. They have a total of 15 Screens, you can also find  the Siam Pavalai here, a 1,200-seat theater. Plus there are six smaller, luxury “Ultra Screen” cinemas, with reclining seats, as well as Enigma, a members-only (VIP) cinema and lounge.

Ticketing Counters

Ticketing Counters

Our Expenses:

Movie Ticket – 210 Baht (About 280 php and or 7 USD) per person.

Snacks – 249 Baht (About 8 USD and or 340 Php) A big bucket of popcorn and a big sized drinks Pepsi and Coca Cola products are available but we chose strawberry Fanta. The snacks are good for 2 people. The bucket and tumbler are exceptionally cute!


On the way to Cinema14

We watched the movie at cinema 14.  If you’re a clean freak you can buy your own 3D glasses for 79 Baht. You have to take an escalator first to get into the cinema and surrender your camera at the cineplex entrance but I’m lucky because It was I who persuaded the staff to have my camera with me inside since they do not allow it. I told them that I just need them for my blog and I’m lucky that they allowed me to take photos.


The couple sofa


See how comfy those couple sofa? We’ve also tried the other seats and same way its reclining and very comfy as well. There are more luxurious cinemas available here that offers massages and buffet.


The Experience

Its all worth it, after all, a great movie in a very relaxing place is really nice while sipping your favorite soda and munching that tasty bbq pop-corns; however, if you’re in a tight budget this is not sensible since you can see a movie in our local movie theater for less and add that extra Baht for your shopping and dining experience here. 210 and 249 baht goes a long way in Bangkok and for that you can have a decent meal in a restaurant here or a few pieces of clothing and accessories in their local markets. As for movie choices, there are a number of movies to choose from and the toilets are clean. As for the tumbler and bucket, these two are very sturdy and we have 2 of them already the first one was the lovely parrot from the movie RIO and now the quirky Takeshi Goda (Damulag) of Doraemon. Hope this entry helps you in a way especially if you’re planning a trip to BKK *_* Happy Reading!

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