Happiness unfolds when I get to know that I was pregnant last April, for my state condition of having PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome it is very unlikely to get pregnant as fast as other women would. Gladly, it is affirmative as I gazed with astonishment at the home-pregnancy-test result. It has two bands which mean oh yeah it’s positive. I repeated it twice just to make sure and to define its accuracy, all of the test were taken at the wee hours of the morning where HCG is at its peak. The whole pregnancy ordeal wasn’t easy at all, and it seems the hardest among the three pregnancy that I had, but still, I was able to survive the unbelievable nine (9) months of it. I know I can endure whatever it takes to have another angel.

Early this year, we were given a chance to visit South Korea for a business meeting that was held in Gwangju-si with the company that I am affiliated with and luckily it was wintertime. Oddly I must say, it’s my fave season (though we don’t have it here in the Philippines) still, I can say it is, especially me wanting to sports posh winter clothes. Supposedly, the visit has to be purely business, but we were able to maximize our time as a couple by having extra days off from official business, we hop on a bus bound to Seoul and get cozy as honeymooners on the go. And there it goes, with the chilly weather and romantic ambiance I have been blessed to get pregnant.

Well, it was hard to squeeze in my pregnancy knowing that I am quite busy with online trading not to mention being a mother of two kids,  a school-girl, and a super cutie naughty toddler. But even though I am expecting that time, I was able to fly to Hong-Kong, Macau, and Bangkok for both business & pleasure. It’s strenuous with me being sick on the plane, coaches, and turbojets that make me feel more nauseated than usual and considering the long walks that make my pelvic bone and muscle aching. The daily shipments, answering inquiries and editing of graphics was arduous as well since I have to sleep late at night just to finish every paper and web-dev works. Fortunately, I have my hubby and some personnel to assist me in my personal needs and of course with thepinkshoppe working loads.


Good thing my OB was just a text away. She’s Dr. Martha Aquino, and she’s kind and approachable of which is one of the reasons why I chose her. I do not have regular checkup due to my erratic schedule, but since I am a registered nurse-midwife, it was a no-brainer that I know the core and I can take care of myself for the whole nine months of pregnancy by taking the natural vitamins and iron that a bearing mother should take. I had barely 7-9 check-ups as I remember in total, two ultrasounds, one fetal assessment and various diagnostic test that all indicate that I have a healthy pregnancy.


its a girl so mostly in pink


some of the brands that I trust


All my previous delivery were all via C-section so for this time it has to be a repeat low transverse caesarean section but now with bilateral tubal ligation. I don’t want to experience the hurdles of labor again as I suffered tremendous pain with my first pregnancy the so-called primigravida as I’ve tried to deliver my eldest daughter via NSD (normal spontaneous delivery with epidural anesthesia but still the pain was excruciating due to my baby face presentation and shoulder dystocia).

About the ligation, we were teasing each other (my husband and me) about me being ligated considering that we wanted to have a big family but we’re considering a lot of important things that matter. That’s why we came up with the decision of signing the consent form with no regrets at all after weighing the pro, and the cons (considering my asthma & 3 CS operation) of having the ligation now and the pro surpasses the cons so there it goes I am now sterile.

The Hospital of ChoiceAsian Hospital and Medical Center.

Photo from their official site

Photo from their official site

Giving birth in Asian Hospital was bliss. Since it’s a scheduled CS, everything is prepared. We pick Asian Hospital and Medical Center for a lot of reasons; (1) my previous Ob-Gyne retired from practice, so I don’t have a choice but to look for a reliable and kind doctor (2) the physician, my cousin personally referred Martha Aquino. She’s super nice and answers SMS inquiries even at night (3) for documentation purposes, other hospitals do not allow the husband to witness the delivery process, but Asian does, and so this is enough reason for me even though the price was quite heftier and more expensive as compared to other private hospitals.


Although I was scheduled to Check-in 4:00 pm, I ended up checking in around 8:30 pm due to loads of shipments. Admission was quite a breeze; I just signed some papers, contract, and other things. They asked me to provide two valid ids and settling the bills was no issue merely because they accept all major credit cards. Unlike any other hospital of which professional fees must be paid in cash, the doctors and anesthesiologist PF can be settled with credit cards, so after paying the deposit (they require P40,000 for deposit, but I paid P70,000 because I know my bill would surpass that amount). I was wheeled at 1oth floor since the OB (maternity) wing is located there. At the nurse station,  they weigh me, get my height and finally wheeled to my room no. 1023 which was few steps away from the station.

Room of Choice

For the room, we opt for the cheaper standard private room although please take note that their standard rooms are way better than suite rooms of a regular private hospital. My doctor says that all rooms are perfectly equipped but to no avail standard private and superior private rooms were all taken. What’s left for me is choosing between a premier private / executive private room (just click the link to check for room details) and the presidential suite (a hefty P20,000 a day, of which of course I didn’t choose and settled with the premier private room that only cost me P4570.00 per day that includes 4 meals a day. I will have another thorough review of the room/hospital services soon for your reference.


The Happy Prego


Me with all the contraptions in my room

Pre-Operation Procedure

Around 9 pm the nurse checks on me and introduce herself properly, as a registered nurse myself I think AHMC nurses practice proper nursing ethics. She instructed me that I shouldn’t eat after 12 pm, no liquids after 12 and no solid foods after 11 pm that what’s the exact order she gave me and so I ate my heart out before 11 since its going to be a no/restricted meal for the following days.

Around 10 pm the OB resident on-duty that time which is under my doctor arrives and get a brief history of my pregnancy and my health in general, a little chit-chat and repeat what the nurse says about being NPO (nothing per orem/oral) after midnight.

Then after that, the anesthesiologist on duty followed, she then checks on me asking for any allergies and other stuff that may contribute or affect in facilitating the anesthesia the following day.

At 2:30 am, the nurse on duty gets my vital signs and reminded me that I will be wheeled in the Genesis room at exactly 6 am for the pre-op procedure. Around 5:00 am Dennis and I took a bath, prepared myself, say a prayer, read my fave bible verse Psalm 91 and then I changed to my patient gown of which is much nicer as compared to other hospital gowns that I wore before with my previous confinement—my body is still secure with no butt exposure. ^_*


wheeled me out of the room then straight to Genesis Center around 6 in the morning PHT

 my husband in scrub-suit so he can enter the OR during my operation

my husband in scrub-suit so he can enter the OR during my operation


Left – me waiting for the next shot // Right – the nurse performing some skin test prior surgery

The usual pre-op routine for CS was done. The anesthesiologist on duty that morning talked to me again asking for a brief health and pregnancy history, she asked me how do I react, she meant about my body reaction to anesthesia in general, considering that I have asthma and then she gave me another dextrose which is in fast drip. Then after all the skin test of which were all negative, the nurse that was assigned to me did an abdominal and perineal shaving to prepare me for the upcoming LTCS (Low Transverse C-Section with Bilateral Tubal Ligation).

The C-Section & Bilateral Tubal Ligation

I just added photos here for your reference, then, of course, my OB and her team operated on me following the standard CS procedure plus the bilateral tubal ligation, during surgery I had severe bronchospasm and having a difficulty of breathing and I was critical for some time. The doctor later said that the oxygen levels had fallen to half of the average that’s why they gave me both oxygen and nebulizer. Thank God for my breathing gets better.


Left – they wheeled me out of the LR to the OR // Right – the Circulating RNs


With my OB and the team of Surgeons Operating on me…


another shot… Dennis wanted to take a closer shot


with me and my open tummy…

The Newborn

We were delighted at the sight of our newest addition to the family, all the pain and difficulty vanishes out of the gloom upon seeing and hearing that my baby is okay. I felt so much joy and excitement when I first saw her, and I know her dad feels the same way. My OB says that even though I was busy and tired she appeared to be healthy and got a perfect Apgar score and that was a relief.

A little Data About Our Newborn & Trivia as well 🙂

Name: Eryckah Dwyane – why Eryckah Dwyane? Everyone in the family names starts with ER so getting an ER name is hard because almost all names I know were taken. So I just change the spelling and look for something unique. I chose Eryckah and this name comes from the root name Erica e-ri-ca as a girl’s name is pronounced AIR-a-ka. It is of Old Norse origin, and the meaning of Erica is “forever or alone, ruler“. Feminine form of Eric. Scandinavian name revived in the 19th century. The Latin word “erica” means “the heather plant“. The second name Dwyane was actually from one of our fave basketball stars Dwyane Wade the Spelling of her name is different from the usual Dwayne…

Birthday: November 8, 2011 – Her dad’s birthday Nov 19 while her sister Denise celebrate at Nov 13 that makes them all Scorpio and November celebrants 🙂

Weight: 7 lbs and 11 oz – She’s the smallest among my three offspring Denise weigh a hefty 8.9lbs while Drake weighs 8.7 pounds.

Measurement: for her head and chest both 33cms and with height of 50 cms




This procedure is done to help the baby breathes easily. It removes any mucus out of the baby’s nose


Newborn Routines


After suctioning the baby was brought near me for initial mother and daughter contact and then after my baby goes to huggery for additional newborn routines

Hospital Charges and Professional Fees

I don’t want to put up the price I paid for this delivery as I do not want people to think that I am putting a price on Dwyane’s arrival but yeah to sum it up and to give you a rough estimate, our expenses ballooned to Php250,000 more or less. I will be posting another blog with costs listing and also will add my personal comments, and I will rate/review Asian Hospital concerning service and other stuff. Hope this entry helps those mothers-to-be whose considering Asian. Be well and Enjoy Life! Till my next mommy post ^_^

It’s a long road, but it’s worth it