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 Day 6 of 15

As per previous post we spent our day 6 mostly traveling and wandering at 2 big train terminus in Korea. We roamed and enjoyed Seoul Station for a bit and then after we hailed a taxi that took us directly to our accommodation. This is actually our first hostel ever and we’re kinda hoping that it will be a good one. We arrived at Stay in Gam Hostel past 6pm checked-in easily and was ushered to a clean twin room right away. As always, I will be posting a review of this hostel in no time. We rested for an hour and soon as we have the energy to wander we look for something to eat and since the hostel is fairly located in Insadong finding a restaurant nearby was a breeze. After dinner we moved back to our room and take the much needed sleep.


It will be our room for 10 Days/9 Nights


What we had for dinner.

 Day 7 of 15

Raise your hands if you love Korean Beauty products. I myself confess that I am a fanatic and I really have a penchant for KBeauty items—so it is therefore understood that Myeongdong will always be a part of any trip in South Korea. As I’ve mentioned  before at my first Myeongdong post, Myeongdong is a famous shopping district in Seoul. A mecca of shopping, dining and entertainment. This is by far one of my fave shopping spots for Korean make ups because of its long shopping stretch of crowd favorites Korean brands, unbelievable discounts and awesome freebies.


Exit 6 or 7 for Myeongdong Shopping Street


You can even shop right after exiting the Metro


My first stop – KPOP Goodies


Second Stop – Migliore

map-point Korean Beauty Shops

You can find both prominent and budding Korean brands here; be it clothing, accessories and of course cosmetics. I’ve tried almost every brand from Missha, Skin79, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, Nature Republic and of course Etude House. This is really a mecca for all things beauty and for sure anyone who’s been here who have a thing for make ups will keep on coming back.


Korean Beauty Shops


Etude House stand out because of its lovely theme or is it only me because I love anything pink…


Trying out something new •••DearBerry

map-point Food Tripping

Aside from shopping, Myeongdong is known for street-foods. I know everybody loves food and I for one really is a self-proclaimed foodie. I’ve been to Korea a few times and stayed here for more than a week or so and one thing I’ve noticed about Koreans is that they love to eat and drink. They always go out and stay late at night to drink and eat and so I presume mostly are not early riser. I will be compiling a Korean street food list once I tried every single known street foods here but for now enjoy the photos of the food that we already tried.


Lotteria Favorites


My Boo eating some Korean pancakes.


Anything Squid

I’m getting a Spicy Chicken in a Cup which sometimes called Yangnyeom Chikin


Fried and Crisp chicken tossed in a spicy sweet sauce. How’s that for Street food?


Chicken and Pork Skewers but the one in Korea are extra long compared to regular size skewer


One of our favorites – Korean Egg Cake or called locally as Gyeranbang


We love the tastiness and savory combination of this bread. Fluffy bread plus the yumminess of egg and cheese is equal to #FOODGASM


 Location Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

 By Train Myeongdong Station Line 4 EXIT 5,6,8 (7 minute Walkor Euljiro 1-ga station Line 2 EXIT 5 

 TRAVEL 101 : Always ask for freebies and free samples. Best time to visit, afternoon to night time because as time progresses, you can find more and more street vendors filling up the street.

Again, Happy Reading 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

Happy Traveling and Happy Reading


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