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Hello food aficionados! Like the usual,  after the super looooong day of shopping, it is so nice and comforting especially when you’re so tired with feet aching and stomach churning to sit comfortably enjoying your own choice of meal right? how much more treating yourself to a tasty steak at an affordable price? For me that’s a runaway winner!


Due to hunger pangs I didn’t take any snaps of the restaurant facade and other part of it including the interior except for the set of food and the place where we were seated. You can see from the look on our face up to the plate later how hungry we were. We were shopping the whole day running from one Bangkok mall to another hence, it is imperative that we were really exhausted and starving at the same time with blisters starting to form on my plantar. We finally settle at MBK Mall for dinner since this was the last stop of our shopping craze in Bangkok. We didn’t have the time to choose as to what resto or type of food we’re going to eat that night, usually we contemplate a lot, considering money conversion, our taste buds, cravings and stuff like that but one index that we always use every time we travel is to go where the bunch of locals and foreigners go and this time they’re all going into one direction—SANTA FE STEAKHOUSE..



Surely, there must be a reason as to why the locals and expat patrons keep on coming back to this steakhouse, it’s mainly because you get good food at a relatively cheaper price compared to its competitors in Bangkok. Upon seeing the menu, I really don’t know what to get since all the sets are pretty good not to mention the photos are indeed tempting (or is it only me because I was starving that time). They have a wide variety of steaks, be it beef, lamb, pork, chicken, sausages and even salmon. They also have a pretty good selection of appetizers, soups and salads. They also offers several sets and specials depending on their promos that changes of course over time but with these, you get decent dishes at a cheaper price. So for my dinner, I ended up choosing Pork Pepper Steak since I love anything peppered.

My Husband's Top Pick!

My Husband’s Top Pick!

My portion!

My portion! I love anything Peppered.


As for the price at the time of visit, Entrees price ranges around 100 to 170 baht (about 3-8 USD) this depends on your cut and choices. I got my portion for only 125 Baht that time paired with their in-house blend iced-tea. Appetizers, Soup and salads are offered between 60-90 baht (2-3 USD). If you’re a group checkout their special deals on group servings. You can even have your own combination for a mere cost.


In three words—We love it. The steak is juicy, tasty and most of all affordable. Although there are some little downside to it,  like they should have a bigger venue because the place gets a little cramped especially dinner time.


The plates will tell it all ^_^


They have several branches scattered around Bangkok but the one we visited is located inside the famous Mah Boon Krong or MBK mall.


ship-carBy Train The best way to get here is to go directly to MBK — catch the sky train and get off at National Stadium. Or if you’re in Siam walk for a bit and you can reach MBK in no time.

Enjoy Reading as much as we enjoy the foods.

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