Day 5 of 15

Annyeong* Still in on my Busan Series but somehow this is something contrary from the expected City Tours that we’ve made for the last few days, for today we decided to be in tune with mother nature and enjoy what lovely earth has to offer and see for yourself how magical and astounding it is.

Today’s Timeline 

0430 – 0730 Haeundae Beach
0730 – 1000 Breakfast Buffet at the Hotel
1000 – 1200 Travel Time to Geumjeong
 1200– 1700 Trekking
 1800 ONW Back to Haeundae Area

map-point Sunrise Watching at Haeundae Beach

To be honest I am a nocturnal human being and I seldom see sunrise but when I do I make sure that it will be spectacular just like what we’ve experienced this day. We woke up real early, had quick coffee and went straight to the beach and waited for the mighty sun. Enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them with my camera. By the way the hotel is just a few steps away from the beach and so getting there was a breeze. If you’re not staying anywhere near the beach the directions is posted below for your reference.


ship-carBy Train Metro Line 2 at Haeundae Station Exit 3 & 5


Just right on time!


Isn’t Magical and Bewitching?


I just love the Colors and it makes me want to get a better camera to really capture its magic.


Here comes the sun little darling *_*


That thing called Love & Magic *_*


The happy girl behind the lens ^_^

map-point Buffet at Sunset Hotel

Right after the fascinating sunrise we headed straight to hotel’s breakfast area because we’re both hungry and we’re considering the odyssey later and its gonna be quite a walk so we make sure to be brimming with energy and that’s by relishing the buffet. Well, the photos will tell it all.


Breakfast Spread




Fruits, Bread, Salad and Juices


More Options to choose from

map-point Geumjeongsanseong Fortress (금정산성)

After the fulfilling breakfast, we moved towards Oncheonjang Station via Busan Subway to catch Bus 203 that will take us to the gate of the fortress. But before we boarded the bus we made a pit stop to a convenient store and bought some food though we got a handful of snacks from the breakfast counter earlier to make sure that we’re loaded and ready to trek.


My trek buddy onboard Busan Subway


Bus 203 – make sure to have change for the ride or top up card for convenience


Using Air Pressure Shoe/Boots Cleaner


This machine really does wonder. You can use to clean your shoes/boot before & after your trek.


About to start the journey…


This fortress is located at the peak of Mt. Geumjeongsan (801.5m) in Busan. Koreans presumed that this was built during the three famous kingdom – The Goguryeo, The Baekje, and The Shilla Dynasty.

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ship-carSubway & Bus Oncheonjang Station (Busan subway line 1), Exit 5.
pink-callout Turn right from the exit and walk for about 60m before turning into 153 Jungangdae-ro 1 Beon-gil (중앙대로153 1번길).
pink-callout Walk straight for about 130m and turn right again at the intersection. Continue to walk straight for about 1-min to arrive at the bus stop (SK허브스카이).
pink-callout Take Bus No. 203 and then get off at Geumseong-dong Residents’ Community Center.
pink-callout Walk for about 14 min to arrive at the South gate or East gate of the fortress.


At Busan Station

Before heading to our accommodation, we stopped at Busan Station to check for KTX Schedule since we decided to experience this express train to Seoul. We also had our dinner there at Lotteria before we go back to our hotel and had our very much needed warm bath.


Hope you get a thing or two from this post and watch out for more. If you have any questions or same experience feel free to use the comment area below.

Happy Traveling and Happy Reading