February 1, 2017 (Day 2 – Part 1) – Finally we rested for eight hours and slept the night before. Consequently, we have the energy to start the day earlier than Day One. As always, I took additional time for my hair and makeup and this actually gives my hubby a spare time to pick up something to eat at the convenience store nearby. I make sure that by the minute he returns I’ll be ready to go. He went back with a handful of food to boost the day and we went on to finish our quick but filling brekky in a snap.


HeyBear Lounge & Dining Area

pinkeart2Travel 101 Just like in every accommodation we stayed at, we make sure to maximize our stay hence, we utilize the hotel/hostel common grounds and facilities as much as we could. On a daily basis, we’re refilling our water bottle constantly and by doing so it will save you as much as NTD100/day or even more.

Breakfast for NTD110

Breakfast for NTD109

map-point 9 AM Songshan Airport

From Hey Bear Capsule Hotel, we flagged a taxi down to Songshan Airport where I picked up my wifi rentals for NTD200, if I wanted to save more money, we probably travel through Taipei Metro for a mere NTD30 but since I wanted to save around 30 minutes (15 minutes by taxi and 45 minutes by Metro) and more than that, I’d like to reserve my energy for the day’s jam-packed itinerary.

You must be wondering why in Songshan Airport? Well, maybe I’m overthinking since similar incident happens before in Korea where we landed Gimhae Airport past 12 and sadly, we missed the wifi kiosk which closes at 12 AM due to a delayed flight. Hassle? Certainly yes, since we needed to go back in the morning for the wifi egg. And just to make sure that this won’t happen again I chose Songshan since its nearer compared to Taoyuan.

This is where to pick up Unite Traveler wifi router

This is where to pick up Unite Traveler wifi router in TSA

pinkeart2Travel 101 As per recent travel to Taiwan a week ago, I was able to pick up one in Taoyuan since Unite Traveler booth is closing around 1 AM. Usually, 5J310 would land the airport 10 minutes past 12 AM. Make sure to put your skates on, clear immigration and line up for it. By the way, I booked mine for only Php79/day via Klook compared to on the spot NTD180-NTD300 rates per day. I also take notes on how to get free wifi so make sure to visit my blog again for Taipei Free and Easy Guide that will be posted soon ^_^

Be Sure to Test/Check it if its working.

Be Sure to Test/Check the router it if it’s working.

MRT Songshan Station

Songshan MRT Station

map-point 10 AM Off to Taipei Zoon Station

From Songshan Airport, we took the MRT Wenhu Line to Taipei Zoo Station and it takes us about 25 minutes for only NTD28/person (It’s NTD35 with 20% Discount on easy card).  From Taipei Zoo Station you need to walk a bit to reach the base of the Gondola/Cable Car station.


You can also visit Taipei Zoo if you have time to spare.


Just like in NTU and most places you can rent Ubike here.

We arrived at Maokong station a few minutes after 10 AM and there’s quite a long queue already. Luckily, I can use my easy card as a pass while my boo needs to buy a ticket since they don’t accept IPASS here and a one-way ticket would set you back NTD120. The whole cable car ride will take you 20-30 minutes (several stops along the way) on top of the waiting time. So when you’re preparing for itinerary be sure to consider these factors.


At the base of Gondola Station


One thing that set Easycard apart from iPass is that you can use it here.


Taipei Citizens enjoy discounts


Pink Gondola for Me Please!

inside the cable car with him looking at the camera display screen while I'm perfectly looking at the lens

inside the gondola with him looking at the camera display screen while I’m perfectly looking at the lens

map-point 11 AM Maokong

The whole waiting time set us back a good 30 minutes and maybe because it was CNY that time and so as soon as we arrive at Maokong Station, we didn’t waste time as we promptly explore the area, take tons of lovely photos and quite a few videos. Some of the photos are posted here for your reference on what to expect in Maokong and a curated videos and slides will be available in my upcoming YouTube channel.


There’s plenty of eating options here!

IDEAAll about Maokong

Located at the southern tip of Taipei City and probably one of the easiest places to travel to for DIY traveler, you just need to hop onto the brown line and alight at Taipei Zoo station. The Maokong Gondola was built by the French firm POMA and they claimed it’s highly safe to ride the highly complex cable car system. The gondola system includes 4 passenger station and 2 angle stations. This includes a stop to Taipei Zoo Main Station 24.1m, South Station 95.5m, Zhinan Temple Station 264.3m, and of course the highest stop the Maokong at 299.3m. Aside from the standard cable car, there’s also a crystal cabin on the way back. Make sure to read their safety guidelines and precaution before embarking on a trip.

pink-callout Website: http://english.gondola.taipei
pink-callout Contact Number: +886-2-218-1234
pink-callout Ticket: Fare Types
pink-callout Operating Hours: 0900-2100 Closed every first monday of the month.
pink-callout Other Infos: Discount on  Groups and concessionaires.


Our top picks – Local food and it cost us NTD180

We take delight in the beautiful scenery, indulge in Taiwanese culture and we really enjoy the cool winter breeze. We also decided to stop and relish Taiwan’s local food like the famous stinky tofu along with Dan Bing (fried eggs with onions), sausage, squid balls and meatball soup.


Famous Tea Shop/Restaurant. But there’s plenty here to choose from.


More Tea Shops

Enjoying the cold breeze at the tea plantation

Enjoying the cold breeze at the tea plantation.


Special Ice cream Made of Green Tea NTD80


Bus going back to Taipei Zoo Station for NTD15

How To Get Here?

ship-carBy Taipei Metro (Wenhu Line) Alight at Taipei Zoo Stat then walk to Maokong Gondola for about 350m

ship-carBy Bus Take Bus 236, 237, 282, 294, 295, 611, 676, 679, S12. You can also take Brown Line 3, 6, 11, 15, 18 and Green 1.

IDEABudget 1O1

  • Conversion as per exchange we had at NAIA. NTD1 to Php1.75.
  • You can swipe/scroll the table to see Note if you have a small screen.
My Juice FOOD


NT$30 ₱53
My Boo’s NT$20 ₱35
Chicken Wrap NT$59 ₱103
Stinky Tofu &

MeatBall Soup



NT$100 ₱175
Dan Bing NT$30 ₱53
Sausage & SquidBall NT$50 ₱88
GT Ice Cream NT$80 ₱140
Hotel to TSA TRANSPO NT$200 ₱350 100 Each Per Person
TSA to Taipei Zoo NT$56 ₱98 28 Each Per Person
Gondola NT$240 ₱420 120 Each Per Person
Bus to MRT NT$30 ₱53 15 Each Per Person
Expenses for 2 NT$895 ₱1,566 Per Couple
Per Person NT$448 ₱783

Watch out for more Taiwan entries in a few days and since we traveled DIY, I will be posting Taiwan Free and Easy guide after my travelogues. Feel free to use the comment area below for questions and or share your experience with me by sharing it here. Also, I’m prepping my Youtube Channel so please do support by subscribing at RunawayMariaTV Don’t forget to follow my journey through my INSTAGRAM @runawaymaria and Facebook by tapping LIKE! See you in my next post.

Happy Travels