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I will definitely utilize this train for future travels.



On our way back to Taoyuan Airport, we decided to try the newly opened Airport MRT for just NTD160 per paying passenger. It was raining hard that time and so we flagged a taxi from our accommodation Uinn Travel Hostel down to Taipei Main Station for just NTD100 (Shared).

Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station is located in Zhongzheng District. It’s the main transportation hub in all of Taipei and considered as the center of the city. The station is home to several transportation companies like Taiwan Railways (TRA), Metro Subways (Taipei Metro), High-Speed Trains (THSR), Local Buses, Hop On and Off City Tour Buses and Provincial Buses.

Taoyuan Airport MRT Gateway At Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station is the focal hub of transportation in Taipei so you can expect that it’s huge and though English signs are everywhere still finding the right platform is like finding your way out of a maze. The basic gist for novice nomads is to follow the signs rigidly or be there at the station earlier to figure it out with plenty of times in your hands. As per reading they now offer in-town-check-in which is very useful for travelers. This one works like the Airport Express in HK, KLIA Express in Kuala Lumpur, and Korail in Incheon.

Route Map from Taiyuan Metro Site

Types of Trains

There are two types of Airport Train, the express (violet) and the commuter (blue). There’s no difference in fare so better take the express train which has fewer stops while the Commuter Trains stop at all stations of the MRT Taoyuan Airport Line.

Commuter Train (Blue) stops at every single station while the Express Train (Violet) conveniently stops at major points only.

Fares & Tickets

The fare from Taipei to Taoyuan Airport is NTD160. You can use transportation card like easy card and iPass or purchase a single-journey ticket by cash. You can get a single-journey ticket or group tickets either using ticket vending machine or get it at a passenger agent office or booth.

The Express Train (Purple)

Express Train

You can easily identify which is the commuter train (blue) and which is the express train (purple). You’ll notice it by following the color scheme of the train with designated color stripes and logo on it. The seats are spacious, comfortable and clean since it’s relatively new that time. Arranged in a 2*2 configuration with seats facing each other. Together with the comfy seats, you can find racks for luggage and LCD board with information and news on it.

Seat Configuration

LCD Screen

Space for Luggage and bags


The first express train leaves Taipei Main Station around 6 am and the last express train to leave Taipei is around 10:58 pm while the first express train that leaves the airport is around 6:12 am and the last train around 10:42 pm. The whole Taipei Main Station-Airport journey and vice versa are less than an hour.

 PRO TIP: The station is closer to Taipei MRT Beimen Station (Green Line next to Ximen) and so for those taking the metro alight at Beimen Station for convenience.

Route and Station

@Gelailakwatsera enjoying her Airport Transpo

 My Two Cents

For a frugal traveler like me, this is the fastest and easiest way of transportation that connects Taipei and Taoyuan airport seamlessly. It’s efficient, cost-effective and will definitely utilize this train for future travels.

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