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Taipei has two airports: TSA or Taipei-Songshan Airport and TIA or Taoyuan International Airport. Songshan Airport is located downtown and close to city center around 15 minutes or so while Taoyuan Airport is located a bit far more than an hour by land transport. I’ve been to both of these airports but I can only review Taoyuan International Airport mainly because, this is the main hub for most international flight and also, I visited this airport several times early this year and during my last visit which I stayed for a couple of hours so I was able to roam the TIA for hours and I decided why not review this airport if I have the time to take notes and snaps .

What to Expect on Your Arrival?

Arrival is pretty straight forward, direction signages are placed everywhere so finding your way to the immigration is pretty easy. There are quite a few lines on immigration but their officers work fast and to avoid hassle on your arrival, remember these two things; first, ready your documents, your valid passport, visa or travel certificate, and an onward or return ticket if possible, second, make sure to fill up the arrival card appropriately and fill this up during your flight.

Fill this up to avoid the hassle and save precious time and go straight to immigration after landing.


Once you landed, line up for immigration.

After immigration, get your luggage if you have any checked baggage.

Get your WIFI or sim card here, the kiosk closed at 1 am so make sure to hurry and get here on time.

If you don’t have wifi yet and want to save more then click this link -> Affordable & Trusty Wifi in Taiwan

This is the arrival area.

There’s plenty of booths that offer transfer, hotel and tour services.

You can also check the Tourist Information Center if you have any question. Car Rental and Limousine Service are also available.

Money Changers

 Taoyuan Airport to Taipei?

One thing I love about this airport is their ground transportation in and out of the airport. You have several options for Airport transfer. Choose between limousine service, taxi, public buses and the MRT. I actually have another detailed post on how to get to Taipei from Airport and Vice Versa click this to know more. 

If you arrive early, you can use the Airport MRT Station to Taipei.

Look for these lighted signboards for local public buses.

There’s convenient store, you can buy food or drinks before you board the bus or taxi to Taipei.

Buy the ticket using the counter or ticket kiosk.

Airport buses are the cheapest of all, especially if you’re traveling solo or by pairs. There are several bus company that links the airport to the city. When you land Taoyuan Airport just check for the sign “Bus to City.” You can find both the ticket counters and bus stations in B1, and so you need to take the elevator down and follow the crowd direction. Walk a bit further, and you can see several counters, look for Kuo Kuang Bus and buy the 1819 ticket to Taipei Main Station for NTD125/adult and half of regular fare for the concessionaires.

 What to Expect on Your Departure?

About to Check-in

Like in most airports, you need to check-in at least 2-3 hours before your flight departure time. Weigh your luggage to avoid paying extra, the staff here are strict with both carry on and luggage weight so it’s better to ask your chosen airline for restrictions if any.

Taoyuan Terminal 1 Check-in Counters

If you have extra NTD dollars then exchange it here.

Tax Refund Machine

Rental Lockers are also available.

Extra time to roam? go ahead since they have an excellent layout, therefore, the place is very easy to navigate with plenty of shops and restaurant to choose from. There’s also entertainment section like the one below for you to enjoy. They also offer pretty great lounges with computers.

Play some Game

Find this #TASAMENG printer and get an instant Polaroid-style souvenir in a flash.

Waiting/Rest Area

Computers are available with internet connection.

Wifi And electric outlet.

 My Two Cents

All in all, it’s an excellent airport with all the basic and extra amenities an airport should have. The simple airport layout that makes the terminal easy to navigate, friendly and courteous staff, clean lounges with comfy seating and equally spot free toilets, easy ground transportation, There’s a number of shops and food options. Wifi router and sim card can be purchased right after baggage claim and money changers are also available and situated strategically. The only drawback is that most shops and food establishment are closed after midnight but the rest is amazing.

Hoping you get a thing or two and thanks again for dropping by. I will be posting Taiwan Free and Easy guide after my travelogues so make sure to visit the site again for more deets. Feel free to use the comment area below for questions and or share your experience with me by sharing it here. Also, I’m prepping my Youtube Channel so please do support by subscribing at RunawayMariaTV Don’t forget to follow my journey through my INSTAGRAM @runawaymaria and Facebook by tapping LIKE! See you in my next post.

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