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Featured Image : Bear diorama of Namsan Park, the Cable Car & N Seoul Tower

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As part of our N Seoul Tower Valentines Date. We visited the Teddy Bear Museum, which is located inside the same tower. It showcases cute Teddy Bears exhibiting the chronicle history of Seoul from past to present. It’s both amusing and interesting to learn history and culture through a series of bears portraying important events that took place from the historic dynasty up to the modern times.

 FYI As per recent visit to N Seoul Tower, this museum is closed for viewing.

So for the meantime, enjoy my photos 🙂

In front of the Teddy Bear Museum & Souvenir Shop

In love with Stationaries

Before we proceed to the museum, we stop for N Seoul Tower gift shop and bought some souvenirs and stationaries.

Teddies in Hanbok

Teddies in traditional clothing

More Teddies in Hanbok

Adorable teddies with my hubby.


Teddies during the old times – the Joseon Dynasty.


Traditional Wedding


Teddies at Work

Famous Banchan

A miniature of their famous side dishes called Banchan.


Teddies playing Polo back in time.


Teddies enjoying Seoul Children Park



Dennis and the teddy gang!

Dennis and the teddy gang!

Me and the shopaholics bear

Maria and the shopaholic bears

Famous Nanta

Portraying the renown play NANTA

Famous Bear

Goong famous Bear. 🙂 Are you familiar with Alfred? The Crown Prince Bear in Princess Hours?

Mr Bean Teddy

The most popular bear in this museum — Mr Bean’s Teddy

#MaDontheGo Bears

#MaDontheGo Mascot Bears (Actually these are Shin and Chae Kyung) but we adopt these as our own. ^_*

Happy with My Purchase

Happy with My Purchase

We’ve been to N Tower several times and the most recent one last April 2016 and we find out that this museum has been closed since November 2013. It saddens me a bit, because I wanted to bring my daughters here, well I guess for those who really want to visit a museum like this, you can still check the one in Jeju. Anyways, thanks again for dropping by and Happy Reading 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below.

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