Day 3 of 15

Annyeong! Yep we’re still in Busan and for today we’re going to visit Centum City. A cutting edge urban development in Busan which houses several renowned buildings and architectural structures like Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae and of course the Busan Cinema Center which holds several Guinness World’s of Record.

Today’s Timeline 

0800 – 1000 Prep Time
 1100 – 1200 Lunch at Lotte
 1300 ONW Explore Centum City

Starting the Day with me being Girly

Girly Stash!

I start my day quite early to prettify myself after all we’re going to a posh mall and some of Guinness spots in Busan and so you can imagine that it takes a couple of hours for a girl to get ready. I actually admire my husband’s patience towards me and my endless routines and I totally love him for that. First, I indulge in a nice warm bath then blowed dry, ironed and curled my hair and put on some nice make up and outfit.  Once I’m done we go for the door and headed to Metro Line 2 and alighted at Centum City station. We explored Centum City the whole day from Lotte to Shinsegae to Busan Cinema Center. We also see KNN or Korea New Network building.

Busan Metro

Busan Metro tickets

Train Interior

map-point Lotte Department Store (롯데백화점-센텀시티점)


First Stop – Lotte Dept Store


pink-callout Official Website Click Here
pink-callout Contact Number: 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-51-1330
pink-callout Address: 59 Centumnam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan 부산광역시 해운대구 센텀남대로 59 (우동)
pink-callout Operating Hours: 10:30-8:00
pink-callout Duty Free Available
pink-callout Tax Refund for KRW 30,000 Up


ship-carBy Train Metro Line 2 alight at Centum City Station

Store Information

  • 10F: Sunshine Park, Event Hall, and Customer Lounge
  • 8F-9F: Lotte Cinema
  • 7F: Families/Children and Kids (Service Lounge, Customer Center, children’s playrooms, baby lounges, Repair/Maintenance Center for Electronics, Lotte Card Center, and Gift Cards Office)
  • 6F: Men’s Wear/Food Court (restaurants, alteration shop for men’s wear and Men’s Lounge)
  • 5F: Young Casual Wear/Sportswear (Young Lounge)
  • 4F: Women’s Casual Wear (nail shops and alteration shop for women’s wear)
  • 3F: Designer Boutique/Golf/Lingeries
  • 2F: International Luxury Brands/Luxury Salons (Avenuel Lounge, Members’ Club, and Beauty Salon)
  • 1F: International Luxury Brands/Cosmetics (Plaza: Flower Garden, Pavillion, and Waterwheel Lounge)
  • B1F: Food Items/Fashion Accessories (Culture Center, coin-operated lockers, postal delivery office, and Baby Stroller Leasing Center)
  • B2F: parking lots and information desk
  • B3F-B7F: parking lots

Brunch at Lotte Mall Department store

We only had cups of coffee and crackers for breakfast and so it is obvious that we are really starving. the moment we reached Lotte we went straight to food court and find ourselves enjoying a bulgogi rice set which are really delicious and cheap by the way.

SMILE TRAVEL101: if you’re in Korea, you must try Lotte food court since they offer vast selection of Asian and even Western cuisine.

My Lunch


Ive never seen anchovies this expensive. = Php10,000 or 220 USD more or less

map-point Shinsegae Centum City (신세계 센텀시티)


Second Stop – Shinsegae

We stayed for few hours at Shinsegae mostly on top of the building to enjoy its spectacular view of the city. Shinsegae is hailed as the Largest Department store in the world by Guiness


pink-callout Official Website Click Here
pink-callout Contact Number: 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-51-1330
pink-callout Operating Hours: 10:30-8:00


ship-carBy Train Metro Line 2 alight at Centum City Station. The Complex is connected to the subway.

Store Information

  • Basement 2: Parking lot (vehicle maintenance center)
  • Basement 1: Department store (fashion, bags, shoes, etc.), Food market
  • 1st Floor: Department store (luxury imported brands, cosmetics)
  • 2nd Floor: Department store (ladies’ Wear)
  • 3rd Floor: Ladies’ wear, Shoes, Sports, Outdoor wear
  • 4th Floor: Ladies’ wear, Underwear/Lingerie
  • 5th Floor: Men’s wear
  • 6th Floor: Golf wear, Children’s wear
  • 7th Floor: Department Store (Living), CGV Multiplex Cinema
  • 8th Floor: Department Store (Fashion Street), CGV Multiplex Cinema
  • 9th Floor: Food Park, Repair shop, CGV Multiplex Cinema
Iphone Shot

Spectacular View. (iPhone Shot)

The view is breathtaking. It’s an urban city yet harmoniously connected to nature. The Skyscraper perfectly matched the serenity of the Busan Waters. When the golden hours is fading the glowy lights started to fill in the darkness and I somehow captured its transition


map-point Busan Cinema Center (영화의전당)


Third Stop – Busan Cinema Center. View of Busan Cinema Center and KNN from the top of Shinsegae

Busan Cincema Center is the official venue of Busan International Film Festival. BIFF is one of the most popular red carpet events in Asia and aside from its popularity it is also considered as significant. Usually held in the month of October. This center becomes the symbol of the festival itself.


pink-callout Official Website Click Here
pink-callout Located at 120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan
pink-callout Admission: Movie tickets: 7,000 won Cinematheque: 5,000 won


ship-carBy Train Metro Line 2 alight at Centum City Station Exit 12

More Information

  • Outdoor theatre: 4,000 seats
  • Haneulyeon Theatre (1F-5F): 840 seats
  • Cinema I (7F-8F): 413 seats
  • Cinema II (7F-8F): 212 seats
  • Cinematheque (7F-8F): 212 seats
  • BIFF Hall

Lot of Guiness Spot in one Night

Everybody loves Guinness Book of World Records mainly because it sustain all amazing, hard to believe and weird facts all over the world. It seems to me that Busan is one of those cities whose fond of collecting Guiness titles. Luckily I’ve visited most of it. And you can actually visit these sites on foot.

  1. Shinsegae – Their Flagship store in Centum City is the world’s largest department store as of this writing.
  2. Busan Cinema Center – it holds the largest cantilever roof
  3. Haeundae Beach – it holds the world’s record for most number of parasols.
  4. Dadaepo Fountain of Dream was hailed as the Guinness World Record for the “largest musical water fountain”

Unfortunately, out of this list we missed the Dadaepo fountain of dream because we were starving for dinner that time and we need to take another train for it since the fountain is located in Dadae Beach.



And the Oscars goes to…

Kimbap &

Kimbap & Pork Cutlet Curry in one big plate.

That concludes our trip to Centum City and hope you enjoy this post. Ask me if you have any questions and  I would be glad to answer soon as I can. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

SMILE Credits: Details based on Visit Korea webpage

Happy Traveling and Happy Reading