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Annyeong* It’s our Day 4 today and Part 3 of our Busan DIY trip. For today we are visiting Jagalchi Market & BIFF Square which happened to be located within in the same area. We plan to eat a lot since I’ve heard that these two places were both loved by locals and tourists for its food. So let’s continue with the day itineraries.

Today’s Timeline 

 1100 – 1400 Jagalchi Market
 1400– 1900 BIFF Square
 1930 ONW Back to Haeundae Area


I love coffee and Korea make sure that you can get them 24/7

We started the day with a cup of these babies. I chosed latte while my boo had the usual mocha. One of the little things I always adulate about South Korea is coffee. If you’re a coffee drinker like me then the land of Kpop is the place to be. This is the Coffee Nation I must say with so many coffee joints to choose from in just one block. They also make sure that you can get your caffeine fix round the clock by having these energy booster cups ready within reach. Prices of coffee ranges from 1200 won to as much as 2000 won (Starbucks). You can also take advantage of the 2+1 promo to save some bucks.


Picturesque at Haeundae Subway

After coffee, we headed straight to Haeundae Subway, we are utilizing trains and subways more often since it’s cheap and easy. It also requires us to walk and thus we become an instant onlooker as we assimilate local’s way of life. As always, we travel do-it-yourself and this in reality makes us more adventurous and resourceful in a way. The key to traveling DIY like locals is research and careful planning. Make sure you’re connected in the internet consistently to avoid hassle. I’ll be having an entry on tips on how to travel DIY soon.


Off to Jagalchi Station

map-point Jagalchi Market (부산 자갈치시장)


Jagalchi Port

Jagalchi Market is the largest fish market in Korea that sells seafood caught from Busan waters and across the South Sea. It opens early at the crack of dawn and regularly offers the caught of the day which gives you the freshest of seafood at great value.


pink-callout Official Website Click Here
pink-callout Address: 52, Jagalchihaean-ro, Jung-gu, Busan
pink-callout Operating Hours: 05:00-10:00
pink-callout Closed First and third Tuesday of every month


ship-carBy Train Busan Line 1 Jagalchi Station Exit 1O or at Nampo Station Exit 2


Entrance to Jagalchi Market

One of the busiest place in Busan, tourists and locals flock in this wet and dry market to get the fresh catch of the day. I noticed that there’s a lot of Japanese tourists and I’ve checked that you can travel to Busan from Japan and vice versa via ferry. I was itching to do this route but failed to do so due to time constraint. But who knows in the future, my hubby and I might do the ferry trip. For now let’s enjoy what Jagalchi has to offer.


You can buy a variety of live and dried fish here.

All kinds of Shells

All kinds of Clams


Witness the lifestyle of Busan locals.

Around 1PM, we decided to try out what locals do and we ate our hearts out in the kind of eatery/stall below which is actually located within the market. We ordered mix of eel and octopus with spicy sauce and vegetables for lunch.


Time fo Lunchie


We enjoyed Eel and Octopus for Lunch!

The experience was really one of a kind, although Ive been to several fish ports in the Philippines, the cold winter breeze while having the tastiest eel and octopus within the market while people watching is something uncoventional and one of the highlights of our trip in Busan. After our scrumptious lunch we went to BIFF square to eat more. After all we saved some space for street-foods. 🙂

map-point BIFF Square (BIFF 광장 (구, PIFF 광장))


You can find several hand printed plates by both local & International Celebrities

The 428 meter-long stretch starting from Bupyeong theater in Nampo-dong to the overpass in Chungmu-dong was divided into “Star Street” and “Festival Street,”  long before it became the city’s movie district this place has been an icon and cultural tourist attraction. The early cinemas were dated as early as Korea’s liberation from the Japanese colonization way way back and undergone several renovation and become the venue of the early Busan International Film Festival.  Now plenty of local and tourist flock this place to watch, shop and eat street foods.


pink-callout Official Website Click Here
pink-callout Address: 20, BIFF gwangjang-ro, Jung-gu, Busan
pink-callout Best Time to Visit  4:00-6:00 PM
pink-callout Open All Year Round


ship-carBy Train Busan Line 1 Jagalchi Station, Exit 7. *5 min walk from the station (Walk straight and turn left).

Lining up for Hotteok

Lining up for Hotteok

As per wikipedia, Hotteok (호떡, pronounced ‘ho-tok’) is a variety of filled Korean pancake, and is a popular street food of Korea. It is made of wheat flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast. Usually available during winter and people really lining up for this delicious treat.

The Art of Making Hotteok

The Art of Making Hotteok


Finally I get my hands on these. Can’t wait!

Our BIFF square tour becomes another gastronomic adventure as we get to try several Korean streetfoods from Hotteok, BBQ to Sausages.


Look for this Orange/Yellow Umbrella and you’re good to go!


Just like Myeongdong BIFF Square have these long stick BBQs


Sausage to Love!


Entrance to BIFF Square

map-point Davich Optical Shop

We had a full blast and we’re really super full. Around 7pm we decided to leave BIFF square and take the same train again back to our Hotel in Haeundae, we rest for a bit in our accommodation, I slept for 2 hours and rested my eyes. We saw this Davich Optical shop earlier and is actually a few steps away from our hotel. The shop is on-sale and I decided to get a new pair of eye glasses for 15,000 won.


Getting a new pair of Eyeglass


Good thing about Davich? Free Ice cream or coffee while you wait!


Feeling Goo Jun Pyo who likes Rice Cakes

Hope you enjoy our gastronomic adventure today and be back soon for more Busan adventures. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment area below. 💋

SMILE Credits: Some details are based on Visit Korea webpage

Happy Traveling and Happy Reading