March 6, 2017 (Day 3) – We started our day early enjoying the complimentary breakfast provided by our chosen accommodation Uinn Hostel. The breakfast spread is quite simple yet it’s filling I had 2 boiled eggs, several slices of bread with butter and jellies. I also enjoy 2 cups of fresh espresso and a croissant topped with blueberry jam. I get 4 packs of biscuits which I save for later.

UINN Hostel Breakfast Area

map-point 10 AM Taipei Main Station

Our plan for the day is to visit Yehliu, Shifen, Jiufen, and Shilin. Unfortunately, due to time constraint, we skipped Jiufen. And as planned, from our hostel, we flagged a taxi down to Taipei Main Station where we catch Kuokang Bus 1815 to Yehliu.

Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station is located in Zhongzheng District. It’s the main transportation hub in Taipei and considered as the center of the city. The station is home to several transportation companies like Taiwan Railways (TRA), Metro Subways (Taipei Metro), High-Speed Trains (THSR), Local Buses, Hop On and Off City Tour Buses and Provincial Buses.

@GelaiLakwatsera and @RunawayMaria on board Bus 1815 to Yehliu

We boarded the 1815 Bus and find out that we almost had the whole bus to ourselves. But soon after, locals start to fill in the bus as it stops several times to pick up local commuters. You can buy your tickets or simply use easy-card on board. One-way Ticket cost NTD96 per person. I clearly remember that it takes us more than an hour before we reach Yehliu Bus Stop.

map-point 1115 AM Yehliu Stop

Please do tell the driver that you’ll stop at Yehliu. Generally, it will take you roughly 80-90 minutes before you reach Yehliu and from the stop, you need to walk further (10-15 Mins) and follow the sign or crowd to Yehliu Geopark.

At Yehliu Stop, look for this landmark!

This is where the bus stop, also this is where you’ll take Keelung Bus to Jiufen or the bus back to Taipei.

Yehliu Bus Stop

map-point 1130AM Family Mart

Gelai and I decided to grab something to eat before we explore Yehliu Geopark. We spotted a family mart along the way and bought some instant goodies. She bought pasta with white sauce while I chow down breaded cutlet with egg and curry sauce for only NTD70.

Quick Lunch

Pork Cutlet with Curry & Egg

map-point 12 PM Yehliu Geopark

Gelai and I make sure to finish our meal in a snap so we can cover more places as much as we can. We’re already 2 hours behind from our schedule and so we hurriedly proceeded to the park immediately after chowing down our food. From Yehliu stop, you need to walk for about 10-15 minutes before you reach the park entrance.

Yehliu GeoPark Entrance

Yehliu Geopark

It’s impossible to talk about Taiwan without bringing up Yehliu Geopark. Located on the northern coast of Taiwan and considered as one of the premier tourist spots in Taiwan. Yehliu is a cape situated at Wanli district and stretches about 1.7km from the main entrance. The formations are mainly composed of sedimentary rocks eroded by the sea. The geological park is home to a number of rock formations such as the Queen’s and Dragon’s head.

Ticket NTD80/person

Visitor Center

The Park ticket will set you back NTD80 (per paying adult) and a half for the concessionaire. They also give 20% discount for large groups and the park is open from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can also find a visitor center here where you can ask travel-related information. Upon entrance, you can get a glimpse on the replica of the Queen’s head.

Queen’s Head Replica

Aside from the rock formation, Yehliu is home to several kinds of flora and fauna.

Captivating Cuesta

Scenic and Picturesque Landscape

felt like you’re in another space and time.

Please excuse our bags ^_^

Calming Seaside

Honeycomb Weathering

Kawaii Lifesize Figurines

Aside from the famous eroded rock formations, Yehliu also houses an ecology reserve and the country’s first ever marine park. There’s so much more to this place actually but due to the gloomy weather, we decided to leave Yehliu and move to our next spot. Initially, after this, we plan to visit Jiufen but we end up skipping it and went straight to Shifen instead.

map-point 5 PM Riufang to Shifen

Arrival at Shifen Station

In spite of the weather, we relentlessly continue our journey to Shifen via the Riufang Station. Luckily, there’s a cab driver bugging us for NTD1000 and after some serious haggling and negotiation, we agree to pay him NTD400 (NTD200 each) to Riufang station which is pretty cheap considering the actual Taxi rate in Taiwan. And then at Riufang Station, we hop on a Pingxi Train bound to Shifen.

Old Train to Shifen from Riufang

Actually, this is my second time in Shifen and for those who haven’t read my travelogue about my magical experience in releasing lanterns in this old town, you may click here to see more photos and deets.

Shifen Old Railway

Shifen Old Street

Located in the Pingxi District of New Taipei City, it’s a bustling spot for an old street and a bit touristy I must say. And the reason why most people come here is to release a sky lantern. For me, this one is a must-visit and one of the highlights of our trip since you can get a glimpse of the old rustic and charming Taiwan and experience its culture in just one day or few hours in our case. Lately, Shifen has gained quite a lot of attention due to the number of things you can do here.

map-point 6 PM Magical Sky Lanterns

Needless to say, launching a sky lantern is the main reason why we visited Shifen old street. And although we’re on the verge of time we just successfully released one on-time and luckily we were able to ride the 6:28 train back to Riufang without the fuss. If you like more information on releasing sky lanterns in Shifen Please visit my first post regarding this.

It’s time to release our lanterns <3

map-point 9 PM Shilin Night Market

Without a doubt, we’re in a race, from Shifen we go back to Riufang and catch a train going to Taipei Main Station for NTD49 per person and from there we switched to Taipei Metro and hit Shilin Night Market like a pro.

If there’s one thing I like about their tourism board is that they really put effort establishing visitor center in most tourist spots. Just like in Yehliu and Taipei 1O1 you can find a visitor center here where you can get travel related information.

Shilin Visitor Centre just right at the exit.

Our Dinner! Chicken Noodle Soup with Veggies and Chicken Rice!

FaceTime with my Kiddos while I’m eating ^_^

Then after dinner, we hit the market for souvenirs.

SHILIN Night Market

One of the largest and popular night market in Taipei. It’s located in Shilin District hence the coined name Shilin Night Market. The market is situated at the center of Yangming Theater and Cicheng temple and a mere 70 meters away from Jiantan Station. You can sample local dishes here at a fraction of a cost and enjoy delectable and savory dishes like Tempura, Giant Fried Chicken Steak, Oyster Omelet, Fried Buns and of course, the stinky tofu. You can also shop here and I suggest if you’re looking for extra luggage you can find a lot of options here.

Aside from Bags and Clothes, you can also find beauty products

More Skincare

SMILE Budget & How To?


 How To Get Here?

Yehliu Geopark

ship-car By Bus You can take an express bus to Jinshan Youth Activity Center or a Kuokang Bus 1815 at Taipei Main Station and alight at Yehliu for NTD96 per person.


There are several ways to reach Shifen depending where you’re coming from, the easiest is through Riufang Station via TRA at Taipei Main Station but I must say that the Bus 795 is your best option especially if you’re near Muzha Station, because traveling through this bus are two things: first, it’s cheap and second, it’s scenic. You’ll get to cover more grounds and get to enjoy the pleasant lush sceneries along the way. On top of that, traveling locally is a good way to interact with locals more. Though, I’ve gotta to warn those people with Motion sickness, choose the smoother train since the bus ride is quite long, a little bumpy and might cause you dizziness due to its zigzag road.

Shilin Night Market

It’s located at No.45, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist.Taipei, Taiwan. You can reach this by bus, taxi or the metros. If you’re in Elephant Mountain you just need to walk your way to Taipei 1O1 for few minutes. ship-carBy Taipei Metro Alight at Jiantian Station and Take Exit 1, if you’re visiting on an evening then just follow the crowd. you can easily spot the market from the station.



  • Conversion as per exchange we had at NAIA. NTD1 to Php1.75.
  • You can swipe/scroll the table to see Note if you have a small screen.
Taxi to Taipei Main Station  Transpo NT$50 ₱87.50 Shared
Bus to Yehliu  Transpo NT$96 ₱168.00 50% OFF Concessionaire
Lunch  Food NT$90 ₱157.50
Yehliu Entrance  Activity NT$80 ₱140.00
Raincoat  Misc NT$50 ₱87.50
Yehliu to Riufang  Cab NT$200 ₱350.00 Shared
Riufang to Shifen  Transpo NT$19 ₱33.25
Sky Lantern  Activity NT$100 ₱175.00
Shifen to Riufang  Transpo NT$19 ₱33.25
Riufang to Taipei  Transpo NT$49 ₱85.75
TMS to Shilin  Transpo NT$16 ₱28.00
Dinner  Food NT$100 ₱175.00
Shilin to CKS  Transpo NT$16 ₱28.00
Taxi to Uinn  Transpo NT$25 ₱43.75 Shared
Total Expenses. NT$910 ₱1,592.50 Per Person

Note: I didn’t include the souvenir I bought in the expenses table because these are optional.


Tips to Remember

 For Your Taipei Journey, Buy Easy Card for easy traveling on the Metro

 Wear comfy shoes if you want to travel DIY.

 Keep yourself a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

 Bring Cash it’s hard to locate ATM.

 Always ask for Train timetable to save you from being stranded.

 There’s plenty of other places to cover so make sure to plan ahead of time and include travel time when planning.

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